Battlin This Drug War

by Elizabeth Mooney
(The Bean)

This is a poem that I wrote and I look at it everyday to show me how much pain I was in and then how today I want to make a change. I always have to remember where I came from and that I will never be cure yes I may recover but I have to look to my higher power ask for help for another day clean,

I have to go to meetings, ask for help, get a sponsor, and do the steps and if I follow this I will get better. I hope that this poem can help someone to show them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Battlin This Drug War

The thoughts I am having are causing me pain

It's like a thunderous down pour on my brain

I feel so freakish like I am a leashed up dog

This addiction I have is keepin my mind in a fog

It feels like I am walking in the dark down this endless path

I just can't remember when I was happy last

My body is tired and my brain completely fried

I would rather not be here on this earth I just wanna die

Though as I keep existing in this world

The drug use just keeps going and the lies unfurl

And right now I feel so used and burned

I just want to make amends that is all I yearn

Because there are so many things that I have done

That are deceitful and disgusting that I think

This drug war I am in just can't be won

Every day I pray for the fog to lift and for me to be happy again

With your help Oh Lord I know I can

As now I enter into recovery from this addiction

I know I have to change my old ways

Though I know there will be some friction

And have to let my drug using friends go

This I am sure of for now I know

Because now I am ready to become a better human being

I am going to look to my higher power to help with the healing

And try not to hurt myself or my loved ones again

So hopefully they can believe I want to be the person I was way back when

Poem written by Elizabeth Mooney

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May 06, 2008
by: Anonymous

Great Peom, I needed it today ofall days. Thanks

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