An-Addiction-Quote knows that to live is to adapt. Goothe

An-Addiction-Quote can restart your alcohol, drug, or other substance-abuse recovery.

An-Addiction-Quote works best when you put your personal spirituality touch on it.

An-Addiction-Quote knows it takes two.

It takes two to speak the truth…One to speak and another to hear. The one who hears is as important as the speaker.

Our current national political scene could use this idea.

Add the following to your Addiction Quotes.

The Crackpot: Everybody has the right to express what he thinks. That, of course, lets the crackpot in. But if you can’t tell a crackpot when you see one. Then you ought to be taken in.

Harry S. Truman

We who struggle with addictions recovery and our substance abuse issues know about within and without. Our Spirituality Practice includes both. The Serenity prayer is our lifeline to sobriety.

An-Addiction-Quote can shore us up, be our support.

Within and Without

The other thing necessary for this education is the willingness to learn From everything and everybody, The openness to new things.

Real growth in art and life comes to us from outside as well as from within, comes to us from relationships With other things and other people.

It does not come to us from within or from without, but from within and without at the same time, So that we must always be building bridges, Without bridges we go nowhere.

It is the genius of children in this matter That they know how to go out to other things and people. That they know how to build a bridge spontaneously and to establish a relationship easily.

Eugene S. Geissler
We ensure our Sobriety through our Activities of Daily Living.

Addiction Quotes, Recovery Quotes, be they for a drug, alcohol, or gambling addiction, “We” are part of them.

An-Addiction-Quote can be for food, sex, or internet attachment. There are many famous quotes available.

There are all types of quotes, just as there are all types of addictions. Pick yours. Some addictions are simply more lethal than others.

If you’re alive after they cut you out of the wreck, you’ll get a better grasp of what DUI means. Makes coffee/caffeine substance abuse addiction seem pretty tame.

Sugar and shopping addictions can seem like assets by comparison. Smoking, nicotine, and cigarettes are a different matter. We can attain Sobriety and Serenity through our Spirituality Practice.

Prayer and inspirational quotes can really support addiction recovery.

On Prayer

You pray in your distress, and in your need; Would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy. And in your days of abundance.

Kahlil Gibran…the Prophet

A favorite inspirational quote from Eldridge Cleaver:

The Price of Hating

The price of hating other human beings

is loving oneself less.

Eldridge Cleaver
Find your personal Daily Affirmative Prayer quote. Daily.

An-Addiction-Quote opens our minds and hearts to new ideas, other recovery views.

Another favorite famous quote is by Jean-Paul Sarte.

Each of us

Each of us is always in front of himself. We are always planning, and we project ourselves into the plan.

Jean-Paul Sarte

When thinking of Addiction Quotes in relation to food addiction and addictive relationships, Mari Evans “Sorrow” comes to mind.

If there be sorrow

If there be sorrow…let it be…for things undone…undreamed…unrealized…unattained…

To these add one…Love withheld…restrained.

Mari Evans
Make daily Mindfulness Meditation an essential part of your daily sobriety.

A great poetic Addiction Quote or saying we’ve included before is by our hero, Albert Camus.

Our task

Our task as men is to find the few principles That will calm the infinite anguish…Of free souls.

We must mend what has been torn apart, Make justice imaginable again… in a world so obviously unjust, Give happiness a meaning once more to peoples poisoned by the misery of the century.

Naturally, it is a superhuman task. But superhuman is the term for tasks men take a long time to accomplish, that’s all

Albert Camus
Quotes and Affirmations can reach our Embodied Brain Minds.

An-Addiction-Quote can affect our Substance-Abuse Recovery.

Appropriate quotes can support our abstinence, sobriety, and serenity.

Help us find a place where we have Hope and Promise.

To Hope

To hope means to be ready…at every moment…for that which is not yet born…and yet not become desperate…if there is no birth in our lifetime.

There is no sense in hoping…for that which already exists…or for that which cannot be.

Those whose hope is weak…settle down for comfort or violence …those whose hope is strong…see and cherish all signs of new life…and are ready every moment…to help the birth…of that which is ready to be born.

Erich Fromm
Discover The Mind of The Addict. Refocus your Addiction.

What does it take to achieve recovery from addictive behavior, substance-abuse?

It takes a choice to recover, a firm commitment to your addiction recovery plan or program, and to take immediate action on that commitment.

You make a recovery/sobriety decision and carry it out.

A Decision: A man who refuses to commit himself…for fear of following an insight…that cannot be mathematically verified…does not in fact remain free…but rather enters upon…the worst of all commitments.

He tries to live as a neutral,…deciding nothing…and that in itself is a decision.

Karl Rahner
Our Obsolete Relationships can be affected by our Thinking.

Consider My Addiction: Books. Addicted? Who me?

So, confronted, we must defend our excessive behavior; we must rationalize it away.

Thus is born denial. Consider the following statements:

“But all one hundred of these books in this box I bought today are “out of print” honey. They are unavailable to the common cunsumer. What was I supposed to do? Pass them up?”

“Problem? I don’t have a problem! I just happen to own fifty thousand books, that’s all. A problem? Me? Ha!”

Rejection of reality. But it does not work. In fact, denial only plunges us ever deeper into the cycle of deception. Consider Evolving Personal Spirituality. It Is Your Choice.

Lets close on a note in keeping with Eckhart Tolle. His “The Power of Now” is grounding.

Exclusively mine

That I am a man…I have in common with all men…that I see and hear…and eat and drink…I share with all animals. But that I am I is exclusively mine…and belongs to me…and to nobody else…

To no other man…Nor to an angel nor to God…Except inasmuch as I am one with him. Meister Elkhart

An-Addiction-Quote might be simply Let Go Addictions.

Discover Addiction Treatment can renew your life.

Let your life find Spiritual Awakening.