Alcoholism-Recovery means abstinence first, to live sober.

Alcoholism-Recovery requires getting a hold on your drinking. This can include getting help.

Alcoholism-Recovery really can offer the end of anguish and its pain.

Alcoholism-Recovery starts with abstinence, beyond the drinking cues, the emotional impulses, and the world’s powerful alcoholis triggers.

Addiction is a disease of the body, mind, and spirit. So, finding Sobriety means dealing with our entire self: body---mind---spirit. Because sobriety living sober requires a whole person.

But first, we need to understand what we mean by alcohol addiction. In fact, all Addictions, especially Alcoholism, as evidenced by consequences in our daily lives, proves to be any process over which we are powerless.

Addictive behavior, for example, the stages of alcoholism, is a process in which we continue to seek intermittent, unpredictable gratification, or some pleasurable reward. Often sought for anguish relief.

Addictive rewards being unpredictable keeps our brain “on alert” checking over and over, waiting for the reward signal. How To Stop Alcohol Abuse triggers,urges, impulses, and cravings.

Alcoholism-Recovery must be a personal individual plan.

Of course, each of us brings our individual brain/mind with its accumulated addictive urges, cravings, and triggers.

We are all shackled by our ignorance of the unknown. Shrouded by our superstitious “self inflicted” illusions.

And in addition, some addictions carry heavy physical impairment. From brain and liver damage to the results of accidents from falls, crashes, and violence.

Alcohol addiction, like all addictive substances, gradually increases the amount of intake necessary for the reward signals. Relief from anguish, comes at a price.

And again, we all respond with our unique individual physical and mental states.

We just want that chemical reaction in our brain/mind. We want our dopamine drip to offer us a rewarding experience, even if temporary.

We desire to make the bad feelings go away. The Activities of Daily Addiction Recovery.

“Mama will kiss it and the hurt will go away.”

We’ve gotten to really needing that fix. Can’t live without it.

Immediate gratification is the infant’s response. Mama now. Addiction makes it our response.

Being an adult is to be able to postpone gratification. From saving for what we want, to waiting for sex.

We food addicts with our food addiction will trade a hug for a chocolate brownie. Food for love. Real love hunger. Food won’t fail us like another human might. We just won’t take the chance.

Of course, the brownie satisfaction is soon gone, but, the layers of fat aren’t. And we are back where we started, only in worse shape. Anguish and its desires are voracious. Discover The Mind of The Addict.

Alcoholism Addiction isn’t the only substance abuse.

Many of us practice substance abuse in one form or another. Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and food are the primary ones. Of course, there are others, glue, gasoline, antifreeze, and almost anything one can swallow.

Each substance brings its own special hell.

In addiction, and disastrously impacting getting help is the fact that an estimated fifty percent of us with substance abuse, alcohol and drugs primarily, also exhibit a mental illness.

Makes the helping process even more difficult or improbable all together.

Poor impulse control doesn’t help Alcoholism-Recovery either. That not postponing gratification, cute as it may seem in a small child, is disaster in an adult. This is so important because:

With signs of alcoholism or alcoholism symptoms, we may require professional treatment.

Of course, in any case we need our daily affirmations of sobriety. Abstinence is a must, for lasting sobriety. If we want to live sober.

And make this clear: Help is available. But it sure helps if you meet it half way. Why Do People Drink Alcohol?

Alcoholism-Recovery when?

In the end it is how “your” alcoholism or substance abuse, your addiction, affects you and your life and those in it with you.

Has your partner left yet? Police been by? How often? Got any money left? Addiction still a secret?

Can you still walk? Been hospitalized?

Arrested? DUI or jail time? Car taken by police?

Domestic violence? Restraining order on you?

Tried AA? Other help? If not, why not?

Help is there. Why not now. Now is always the right time.

In the stages of alcoholism, we found in the VA, that health is often the weakest motivator. Social and financial are usually the best motivators.

Threat of job loss. Job loss. Partner leaving. Heavy fines. Jail for DUI. These are more motivational. Sorta like the bottom of the barrel. “Hit Bottom?” Hell of away to go. Yes, Sober Living is possible, and Now.

Why do we wait so long for help?

My lady neighbor is about four hundred fifty pounds. How do you get back from there?

Or from a DWI where physical injury or death is involved.

A local woman on her fourth DUI caused an auto accident killing one, with one waiting to die.

Certainly too late for the couple.

Alcoholism can bring a raft of physical, mental, financial, social and legal problems. Why we become so addicted to Substance Abuse.

Ten warning signs of alcoholism. Some may be pretty late.

If you’re in DT's...Delirium Tremens, you’ve got a real medical problem.

If you’re alcohol driving, drunk, and have a DUI/DWI you’ve got a lifetime legal problem.

If you’re fired for drinking, being drunk, you’ve got a resume, employment problem.

And you’re probably gonna have financial problems, abuse, divorce, and custody battles.

Hard to believe the effects of alcoholism started with something as simple as desire‘s anguish, desiring to feel OK about something in our daily lives.

Desire is the mother of pain. Always was and always will be. Scratching that anguish itch can be a long slippery slope to hell.

“Maybe a couple of drinks would make me feel better.”

Not for long. Not nearly long enough.

We each share life’s existential situation and feel desire’s anguish. We all know there is suffering in the world, caused primarily by our desires.

Alcoholism-Recovery means we all live in the world and have to deal with anguish. Desire really is pain’s mama. Even the desire to recover from our pain.

Lets learn from others how to do it otherwise. We are not the first to the mountain. Others can help. They really can.

They can help now, today. Consider a Sobriety Prayer now and then.

Alcoholism-Recovery means Addiction is a Spiritual Disease.