Alcoholism-Recovery-Awareness insures your individually developed approach to sobriety and serenity.

Alcoholism-Recovery-Awareness is personal insight you can develop and use.

Your Alcoholism-Recovery-Awareness is defined and developed by you for lifetime sobriety.

Alcoholism-Recovery-Awareness is understanding why your addictive pain arises from your mental anguish and desire.

With Alcoholism physical symptoms, that is any effects of alcoholism, this information, as all our information, is for educational purposes and not intended to replace the advice of your personal physician or other healthcare provider.

With physical symptoms you begin to grasp how desire becomes the fountainhead of pain. Human desire tends to be insatiable. We are so anxious for pleasure, to pleasure ourselves, that we can never get enough of it. How To Stop urges,cravings,impulses and triggers.

Our addictive anguish knows no bounds.

We stimulate our sense organs until they become insensitive, so that if pleasure is to continue we must have stronger and stronger stimulants. This builds from the first serving of alcohol.

In self defense the body gets ill from the strain, but the brain wants to go on and on. Anguish drives us in pursuit of pleasure.

Trying to please the brain is like trying to drink through your ears. The Activities of Daily Addiction Recovery.

Mindful Awareness is a view of reality free from illusions and judgments.

Awareness enables a realistic sobriety. We awaken.

Serenity can enter our life, regardless of which one of the stages of alcoholism we are in. Serenity is an emergent property, awareness can open the door.

Now, we want to escape from addictive pain and anguish. The more we struggle, the more we inflame the agony.

In Mindful Awareness the principal thing to understand is that there is no safety or security. The problem of alcoholics is one of the most vicious circles.

In many cases, most of us, know quite clearly that we are destroying ourselves. Death from alcoholism is a real possibility.

Alcoholism-Recovery-Awareness for us is that liquor is poison. Right from the first signs of alcoholism. It only gives us horrors when we stand face to face with the unveiled, basic insecurity of the world. Pure anguish. Discover The Mind of The Addict.

Alcoholism-Recovery-Awareness understands that to stand face to face with insecurity is still not to understand anguish.

To understand our addiction, our anguish, we must not just face it, but be it.

It must be obvious that it is a contradiction in wanting to be perfectly secure and happy, satisfied, in a universe whose very nature is randomness and fluidity.

Understanding comes through awareness. We do not understand that there is no security until we realize that this “I” does not exist. There is no rule but, LOOK. Realize why the addiction to alcohol.

Mindfulness Awareness understands to be silent is not to lose your tongue.

Full awareness, is a deep transformation of our view of the world. That is knowing and feeling that the world is an organic unity. Helps make serenity possible for us.

The aware undivided sober mind is free from trying to stand outside ourselves and to be elsewhere than here and now.

By holding our breath, we lose it. By letting it go, we find it.

Und so lang du das nicht hast,

Dieses: stirb und werde

Bist du nur ein truber Gast

Auf der drunken Erde. Goethe, West-ostliches Divan

Discover addiction's hold on us.

Awareness knows a person who is trying to eat money is always hungry.

We do not want continuity, but rather a present experience of total happiness. In short sobriety and serenity.

Mindful awareness is to see that life is complete in each moment---whole---undivided, and ever new---is ti understand.

We can never get enough of what we really don’t want.

What we get is to experience the stages of alcoholism. The highest to which we can attain is Wonder.

Alcoholism-Recovery-Awareness is the wisdom of insecurity.

We’ve reviewed Alan Watts’ great work: “The Wisdom of Insecurity.

Not a better read or practice.

Alcoholism-Recovery-Awareness can begin with Alan Watts works.

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