Alcohol-Recovery-Meditation offers a path to our inner selves, where our spiritual addiction holds us firmly to alcoholism abuse.

Alcohol-Recovery-Meditation is an inner-to-outer journey to sobriety and serenity.

Alcohol-Recovery-Meditation is a journey of Letting-Go our substance abuse..

Alcohol-Recovery-Meditation inclusively reviews Elise and Kaleo Ching’s “Faces of Your Soul.” They are our guides on a journey of personal spiritual discovery.

Back to our origins. “We are hungry for spiritual learning.

For it is clear that in our perilous time, institutions of education and of religion are rarely providing the spiritual practices that we need to deepen our journeys and strengthen our souls for the experiences of Joy and of darkness that beckon us all.”

So, what to do? “Return home. Take care of oneself and in the process reach out to others. Do one’s inner work. Do Alcohol-Recovery Meditation on a daily basis” Discover Alcoholism Recovery free from urges, cravings, impulses, and triggers.

Addiction-Recovery-Meditation opens our minds and self for sobriety’s inner work.

“We have to go ‘back to the drawing boards’, back to purify our own intentions, to deepen our own morality, to get in touch with our deepest values and beliefs, our own origins. And begin anew.

Alcohol-Recovery-Meditation draws on our deepest capacities for self-reflection and finding inner peace in meditation, in guided imagery, in order to (discover our sobriety) and expand our creative processes.” However, “such an inner-to-outer journey is by no means a private journey. Though it is personal and often daring in its need for solitude, it is never private.

Many are the souls past and present who take the journey with us.

We need a path to spiritual, emotional, and creative awareness. It is an act of deep ecumenism in practice. That makes it especially timely for us in our search for sobriety and serenity during this post-modern era.

“Nothing in all creation is so God like as stillness,” said Meister Eckhart. It is from this stillness that God---by whatever name---is born. And we are born and reborn as well. Alcohol-Recovery-Meditation offers us Sobriety Mindfulness.

Alcohol-Recovery-Meditation starts now, here in this moment.

Meditation (lying, sitting, standing) guides us into a quiet and centered relationship with our interior wilderness.

Lets start.

Go to a serene place in nature, if you can, and assume a meditative posture comfortable to you. As your eyes gently close, let your mind receive the comfort of your natural haven.

Feel the temperature around you. Let your feet spread over the soft earth beneath you. Let your spirit enter into the spaciousness of your inner being.

Breathe softly, deeply. Do you smell a fragrance, hear a sound, see a color?

Inhaling, allow your breath to enter your nostrils and glide up into your mind’s eye. Listen to the sound, the vibrations of your mind.

Listen as your breath opens like a blossoming lotus, spreading, expanding, then pressing gently into the inner lining of your cranium and releasing. Discover how Addiction is a Spiritual Disease.

Ask the Universal Spirit for clarity and vision on your journey, and let go.

Let go, and the breath falls like gentle rain, Breath glides down your throat and descends into the spaciousness of your heart.

What are the colors, the sounds of gentle rain as it falls in your chest? Breath expands, pressing gently into the cavern walls of your inner ribs, then softly releases.” We are truly Addictions Spiritual Orphans, see why.

Ask the Universal Spirit for understanding and compassion on your journey and, let go.

Addiction-Recovery-Meditation can be part of your learning to let go alcoholism abuse.

Let go and the breath falls like gentle rain through your body. Can you feel your breath as it travels like a wave across the spacious ocean---a wave spreading---and pressing gently, then releasing, with kindness?

As you inhale, your breath ascends. What is the fragrance as it ascends lightly through your body and into the heavens? Exhaling allows this fragrance to descend from the heavens. Unrealistic Expectations, False Assumptions, and Obsolete Relations plague us.

Ask the Universal Spirit for abundance and creativity on your journey and, let go.

What is the sensation of gentle rain falling from the heavens, entering your body, cleansing and purifying, then flowing into the world?

Your breath is soft as you exhale. Gratitude travels into every cell of your body. Breathe gently, then release the blessings of your mind, heart, and body into the world. Women often have their own unique spirituality and practice.

Addiction-Recovery-Meditation connects you to your spiritual recovery practice for sobriety and serenity.

Meditate in greater stillness. Learn to share the wisdom and blessings of your ancestors and spirit guides.

Your Alcohol-Recovery-Meditation is ultimately the journey along these spirit paths and is about relationships: to self---body, mind, and spirit---and to others.

As you work through the experiences, answer your questions, and explore new territory and old territory in new ways, keep this question with you:

What are you learning about your outer journey---your relationship with other sentient beings, with the living earth, with your addiction recovery community, your culture, your work in the world? The activities of daily living for sobriety and serenity.

Addiction-Recovery-Meditation is a voice to your creative inner dialogue to abolish alcoholism abuse.

Creativity is about the relationship of the self to the Self---of the embodied ego, who moves through the daily world maintaining abstinence, sobriety, and earning a paycheck.

Or pushing a grocery cart, grooming the dog, or mulching the garden, to the higher Self, that person in harmony with spirit.

Creative self-expression is a tool for the process of individualization. As is Alcohol-Recovery-Meditation.

Creativity from your body, mind, and spirit gives form to abstraction, voice to your inner recovery dialogue. It is a vehicle for greater knowledge and serenity. Alcohol Abuse can be aslippery slope. Don't Slip.

Creativity is about the joy of discovering your inner body, your inner spirit.

Creativity expresses the relationship between positive (Recovery) and negative forces (Addiction) in one’s life.

Addiction-Recovery-Meditation reminds us that we are on a journey, the destination is not our goal, our goal is to travel the road before us well, one day at a time.