In Affection-Addiction as in all love-addictions the personal boundaries go first.

Also in Affection-Addictions as with relationship addictions the physical abuse comes later after the partner manipulation.

Abusive Relationships don’t just happen, they can be predicted.

Affection-Addiction gives vent to excessive neediness.

An Addictive Relationship is a high emotional price and often physical pain to pay for intimacy.

Relationship issues can be resolved with joint partner conscious deliberations, including ending relationships. Relationship quizzes may be helpful. We’ll see how. Consider Relationships as Spiritual Practice.

Conscious realization can be the start of recovery.

Letting go addictive relationships requires being conscious in the present moment. The NOW.

Because self sabotage, which lurks as the unconscious monster inside all of us, loves our past fabrications and future fantasies.

Being present in this very moment rules out all those ancient flings and arrows of outrageous fortune from our past.

The present moment is really all there is, even our thoughts of past and future conquests occur in the present. This moment is always all there is or ever was.

We include a link to Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” at the end of this screen. Consider acquiring it and enjoying the read.

You can consciously heal love addiction or an addictive relationship. Consciousness in the present is the key.
In the conscious NOW we can learn to Let-Go.

Relationship Quizzes: Each question is a quiz in itself, if answered from full consciousness.

Having an addiction to love makes history repeat itself. We replay the old obsessions and solutions, which didn’t work the previous time.

If we find ourselves in a bad relationship, we want out, and want to find a good one. Try our short relationship quiz.

* Do you crave to be with a special person?

* Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when away from that person?

* Do you have symptoms of addiction?

* Magical thinking?

* Passivity, waiting for approval?

* Low self esteem, dependent on approval, or an OK from others?

* Do you have what Siegelman would call “Learned Helplessness?”

* Do you feel your partner needs to change?

* Do you say: “I have been hurt so many times?”

If you can consciously answer these questions to yourself in the present moment, you may be able to turn your relationship around.

On one condition: You need your partner’s full conscious sober participation. Because, Affection-Addiction often has an associate: Substance Abuse.

If you need help take a look at this approach to Addictions-Treatment.

Dual Addictions can be tough on Relationships.

In Affection-Addiction, we don’t want our “loved” one to tell us to stop our substance abuse. So we often move deeper into isolation. Deeper into addiction.

If this addiction is impossible for you to confront with the conscious cooperation of your partner, then you may want help. Counseling or treatment may be the next step.

However, you should always have one person on your side, that person is you. You deserve happiness and health. Never lose sight of that truth.

You want Conscious Recovery.

Affection-Addiction is twin to Relationship Addictions.

Is your relationship Affection Addiction?

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