Addictive-Relationships require personal awareness for recovery.

Addictive-Relationships need a personal awakening for genuine intimacy.

Addictive-Relationships are open to recovery.

Addictive-Relationships can be recovered from, but to get to the point of recovery you must survive. How do we overcome this self sabotage nightmare?

First, we have an awakening. We glimpse our life, our reality. We’ll want new coping skills and personal courage to do this.

Things aren’t quite what they seem.What we thought.How they are supposed to be. This awakening continues as we recover.

Our emerging awareness leads us to seek, and find, appropriate help. We start to deal with some of our core Addictive-Relationship issues and their underlying relationship problems.

We learn about identifying poor boundaries between adults. We learn about addiction and problems of intimacy. We learn also about unhealthy attachment and ending relationships. Self Sabotage.

Our issues are control, being over-responsible, neglecting our own needs, and fear of abandonment. We also learn about having put up with crap. And our problems in resolving conflicts from toxic relationships.

Yet, we begin to address our unhealthy neediness issues. We learn to let go and let God.

With safe and accepting people we tell our Addictive-Relationships “love story.” We get to hear our own story first hand.

Intimacy issues are exposed and clarified. Our feelings are the result of how we perceive ourselves. Addictive-Relationships can be amended, suspended, attended, and up-ended.

By risking we are awakening. We grow to awareness and freedom. We learn we can genuinely share our real self with safe people whom we trust. We realize we want and need genuine intimacy. We want relationship compatibility.

Addictive-Relationships means you can get wounded from risking. But, if we commit to work through our pain “and grieving,” we then begin to share, participate, and experience our suffering.

Sometimes we get angry. But we begin to let go. And that includes our addicted anger.

Awakening awareness begins to help us to see and understand our self sabotage of our own chances for genuine intimacy. Affection-Addiction is love gone rogue.

Awareness Meditation for Letting Go, To UNPLUG.

Is Your Relationship Love-Addiction?

Addictive-Relationships take time to recover.

We take our time. Time to heal our less-than-whole relationships. We transform, an awakening. So our lives are free, whole, integrated, separate and assertive.

Healthy boundaries balance neediness.

We can now let go. Let the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People go. We can stop the self sabotage. Revisit the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People.

See what Self-Sabotage is all about.

Relationships Awakening.

Integrating our letting go of destructive, toxic, relationships, we have the right to forgive others and to forgive ourselves. We also have the right to receive unconditional love.

We are no longer victims or martyrs. But it will take some time and perhaps some pain for that awareness.

Real pleasure will come to you from knowing from your awareness that you are in command of yourself now. You are over being a relationship addict.

Bad Dependent Relationships can for the most part be a bottomless basket of endless wants that drive us everywhere, especially crazy. And we are addicted to it.

Trying to find comfort and recovery direction in your wants is like trying to find shade under a swarm of stinging flies. While it may be cooler, you also have to keep running.

Your pleasure is your pain.

Real pleasure is not the opposite of pain, it is the absence of it. You really want to be free of your wants. Desires, our wants, really are the mother of pain.

You may ask: “Does a brand new world really exist? Answer: “Only if you know where to look.” “What direction should I take.?”

“Look to yourself.” Overcome Addictive-Relationships Obsession and Dependence.

Addictive-Relationships cry out!

We don’t need new landscapes, we need new vision, new eyes.

Within you there is an expansive world of thoughts and feelings whose moments determine how you perceive and experience the world outside yourself. The inner determines the outer.

We are never trapped by where we are. The trap is always who we are.

In regard to relationship addictions, if you have reviewed a number of the other screens, Self-Sabotage for example, perhaps you came across the Third Level of Human Behavior.

Awareness means you remain apart from all wrong concerns. They are treated as just something else you are seeing, not as something you are.

Again, the aware observer does not just think. They see. This is an important distinction.

To self-observe means you can not be self-absorbed.

Simply stated, self-observation is a way of being fully aware of yourself while remaining free from self-concern.

Relationship-Addicts overstay their welcome.

Awareness learning is a correction process.

Our awakening is a life reorganization.

Become aware of your concern. Experience it. Talk about it. Know you may have a choice to stop suffering because of it.

No self-sabotage. Let go of it. Let go Addictive-Relationships.

Repeat the process as often as necessary. In recovery we don’t awaken just once. We awaken numerous times. With awareness, you are not tied to any past mistake unless you task yourself to it. Finding personal boundaries with Free Relationship Advice.

Addictive-Relationships Let Them Go.

The psychological suffering of addictive-relationships is a waste of time. It is pointless, a cruel form of self sabotage, and above all deceptive. It is unnecessary pain.

We just think the pain is part of life, but, there is always a choice. Real genuine intimacy is possible. You need never surrender to any wave of helplessness that leaves you feeling sorry for being alive.

That is self sabotage pure and simple.

Some of our relationships are a desperate search for happiness that is simply the continuation of unhappiness. Happiness is never driven to look for itself. It Is Itself.

In the darkness, see the stars.

Destructive Relationships’ mental or emotional suffering takes place only when you become fixed in the partial. Break your temporary focus and pull back from yourself.

The wider you can expand your inner-view, the less disturbed you‘ll be by what you may be seeing. You are not who you think you are.

When you stop punishing others for their weakness, you will stop punishing yourself for yours.

“As I surrendered my imaginary power over others, I gained a more realistic view of my own life.” Al-Anon

There is only one person who can assure you get the nurturing that you need. That person is you.

Don’t stand out in the storm, and blame the weather.

Don’t seek yourself. Dare to be yourself.

The only path to self-help Recovery is your next step.

Our challenge is to replace Addictive-Relationships and substance abuse illusions and attachments at the core of addictions with real life options.

You can effectively replace and eliminate addiction core cravings with positive and satisfying daily life alternatives. Sometimes Letting Go is best in relationship addictions.

Addictive-Relationships You can learn to Let-Go-Pain. NOW

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