Addictive-Relationship-Recovery, being codependent no more, is when we give up our co dependent behaviors.

Addictive-Relationship-Recovery is to realize we are codependent and let-go our unhealthy attachments.

Codependent Relationships can be salvaged by dealing with our love-addicts affection addiction.

Addictive-Relationship-Recovery is “what we do when our ideal life is lived in responding spontaneously to each situation.

We trust our inner guidance; we stay open to the challenges and opportunities in each moment. That moment Now.”

Melody Beattie says: “Although there aren’t any rules, some solutions may work much of the time in certain situations.

Below are some suggestions for what to do when you encounter common (affection addiction) problems. See if these suggestions work. If they don’t try something else.

Much of life is trial and error, or the process of elimination.”What follows are Co Dependent Rules of Thumb to spark inner guidance about what to do when the following situations occur. Relationship Addictions can be stablizied.

In Addictive-Relationship-Recovery we don’t always know whether to stay or leave.

What do we do when we don’t know whether to stay or leave? If we’ve left, how do we know if we’ve made the right decision? Ending Addictive relationships requires conscious, thought out decisions.

“I agonized from the day I married my husband to the day I filed for divorce about whether the marriage was going to work,” one woman said.

“I could have saved myself years of torture by trusting what 1 wanted, where I was at, and how I felt. The agony I felt was guilt. About violating my religious beliefs.” Consider Your Relationship as a Spiritual Practice.

Addictive-Relationship-Recovery can create internal war, but doesn‘t have to, we can move Beyond Codependency.

Sometimes, “If we’re not being abused, but we still feel consistently miserable. We can’t decide whether the relationship is over, or if we should leave or stay.

(Letting Go Addictive Relationships can be tricky.)

Don’t waste your energy agonizing about staying or leaving. (Let it be.) When its time to end the relationship you’ll know it.”

We should act. But sometimes we don’t act soon enough or not at all in abuse cases and end up hurt or dead. Often this includes children. In any case get, one way or another, the real help and protection you need..

You should know whether the relationship is dead, because it won’t have a pulse. If you feel the relationship is living. Stop torturing yourself. Stop your Self Sabotage in relationships. Free Relationship Advice may really help.

Addictive-Relationship-Recovery rule of thumb when we don’t know if we should stay or leave:

Take care of Ourselves. Where we are Now.

Addictive-Relationship-Recovery : Something's wrong, but we don't know what to do.

“We feel like something is wrong but not sure what the problem is? Many things can be going on.

Maybe something is wrong, maybe not.But we don’t know what it is.

Beattie recommends: “Our premonition is that something is right around the corner.

But if it is around the corner, we can’t see it yet, so we might as well stop trying and wait until life shows us what it is.

One rule of thumb for what to do when something’s wrong and we don’t know what it is: Make a conscious decision to wait and see.

A premonition is just that. Step gracefully into the unknown. Sometimes when we don’t know what the problem is, it’s because we’re in denial.”

Maybe we’ve gone numb. We’re unaware, and we’ve stopped feeling our emotions, What’s happened is, we lost conscious contact with ourselves and life.

“A good solution for this is the Gratitude Exercise. Each morning, get up and write ten rules of thumb for yourself.Here is one: Sharpen our awareness skills.

Another possibility is that we’re being lied to, manipulated, or misled. If someone is lying to us, we’re not into Codependent Behavior, the other person is behaving inappropriately.

Don’t blame yourself. It isn’t our fault if someone is skillfully lying to us. That person is likely going out of his or her way to deceive us. We don’t want to run around playing detective.” A big part of the problem is that we are Spiritual Orphans.

Ask God to turn on your heart light. The clarity of guidance.

“The rule of thumb here is: Ask for the courage to see and accept the Truth, even if it hurts. (Recovering from an addictive relationship can require courage.)

Another possibility when we feel like something’s wrong is that it may be something as simple and harmless as we’re having an off day. Most of us have them. It’s a normal part of being born human.”

Things don’t feel right. Write the question: “What is happening that’s making me feel like there’s a problem?”

Make getting the question answered a written goal. You’ll either settle down or be shown what the problem is. .To recover we need to consider Addiction as a Spiritual-Disease.

Addictive-Relationship-Recovery Asks If We Know We Should End the Relationship.

“But Then We Keep Going Back To Complicate Things.

We know if he or she pushes, our boundaries will collapse. But it’s not the end of the world. Become aware.”

Although we know our codependent symptoms, “sometimes we keep going back against our better judgment. We‘ll do what ever we have to do, anything to get the power back. But, we don’t have to do what we can’t.

The rule of thumb: We must take care of ourselves.” Addictive-Relationship-Recovery considers Women's Spirituality and Practice as yours.

Addictive-Relationship-Recovery : Ready, But, We Don’t Have Funds for Therapy or Treatment.

People can help, but what do we do when we need to set a boundaries with friends and helpers? We are sure the situation will explode, if there is a confrontation.

Setting boundaries, we gain our power, but lose our friend. Some relationships are as unbalanced as love-addicts romantic relationships. One has the power, the other serves. That is, centers his or her life around the one with the power.

But we are not happy not setting the boundaries, we feel blackmailed,

One thing we can do that helps is to learn to graciously and smoothly set boundaries. However, that may not get your point across if what needs to be said is, “You’re stuck in the victim role, draining my energy, not taking care of yourself. YOUR Relationship deserves Spiritual Awakening.

Addictive-Relationship-Recovery : What if we feel we did our part, patient and waiting, but God is late

Beattie’s Recovery rule of thumb: “Take two steps more. Right around the bend, We’re early. Don’t be impatient. Instead. Be into the moment. And there only. The moment is Now.”

Addictive-Relationship-Recovery requires an inner restructuring of our Mind scape and reordering our relationship with ourselves.

The Addictive Relationship Recovery question is:

Do we recognize our codependent behavior is not functional, it is compulsive care taking. And it doesn't meet our needs.

Not only are our needs not met, but we often act against our own wants, needs, and better judgement.

Relationships respond to Evolving Personal Spirituality.

All Relationships can use Recovery Mindfulness.

As Relationsgip Addicts we can recover through consciously seeking professional help.