Addictive-Behavior knowledge can prepare you for achieving Addiction Recovery.

Addictive Behavior understanding enables finding alternate satisfactions.

Addictive-Behavior origins awareness can save you pain.

Addictive-Behavior is evident when a person gives up one addiction or preoccupation only to substitute another for it.

In this behavior, he or she reveals the possible roots of addictive personality. Some go from chemical dependency to diet clinics, to stop-smoking programs. All the while engaged in several unfulfilling love affairs.

Addictive Behavior is a personal liability while we live in an addicting society.

Know what an addicting society is?

Isn’t addiction what happens when you’re hooked on drugs or alcohol? They take over your life. Enslave you. Make you drop out of school. And then snatch little old ladies purses so you can buy more drugs.

That’s Addiction, Right?

No. Not really!

While it is true Meth and Cocaine and other drugs are horribly addictive and have filled our prison systems, it is not true that those who are not drug addicted are free from addiction.

Addictive-Behavior requires Addictions-Recovery. NOW!

Food Addiction is really killing us!

Addictive Behavior can affect any of us.

An Addiction is any self defeating action which we can not stop despite its adverse consequences to our lives.

We just keep hitting our hand with the hammer, over and over.

Addictions come in a wide variety of shapes, flavors, and colors, including all shades of gray. And they set off all kinds of cravings, urges, and impulses.

There is an endless number of substances, activities, emotions, and objects to which we can become addicted.

Some favorites are:

Caffeine, food, success, sex, work, sports, television, shopping, religion, and countless relationships.

In addiction there are also: exercise, nicotine, pornography, gambling, prostitution, power, unhealthy neediness, video-games, romantic liaisons, preoccupations, prescription meds, and of course, the internet.

Addictive-Behavior involves any attachment or sensation that grows to an extent that it damages your life.

A single-minded grasping of a magic-seeming object or involvement, loss of control, perspective, or priorities.

Addictive Behavior is certainly not linked to just drug and alcoholism addiction.

You are vulnerable to addiction when you feel a lack of satisfaction in life, an absence of intimacy, or strong connections to other people, a lack of self-confidence or compelling interest or loss of hope.

We are all susceptible.

The bottom line is that Addictive-Behavior is rampant in our society. It is no wonder we have the continuous impulses, urges, and cravings which we have.

Think of the addictive items you can get at your local convenience store, in addiction to beer and cigarettes. Junk food, lottery tickets, and porn to name three.

Anytime one of our addictive-behavior cravings, urges, or impulses strikes us, we have 24 hour access.

We Americans use way over 50% of the illicit drugs in the world. Of course alcohol is the most widely used drug in America. Gallons and gallons per adult.

What do we really need to understand about Addictive-Behavior in order to help ourselves out of it?

1. We can try to understand the personal needs (lack of satisfactions) that our addictive-behavior fulfills. This understanding is necessary in order to root out the addiction.

2. Addictive-Behavior seldom really provides positive experiences or benefits. Certainly not long-term-on-going satisfactions.

3. Addictive-Behavior ultimately leads to negative feelings and life outcomes. In the long run, you end up worse off.

How To Stop Alcohol Abuse.

Addictive Madness completely surrounds us.

Once we get to depending, relaying on, our addiction's behavior, our whole life begins to revolve around it, and so we indulge in overeating, drinking, smoking, or shopping.

These activities become the first place we turn to when we’re under stress or simply feeling a craving, urge, or impulse to please or pleasure, ourselves.

We lose focus on how our craving, impulsive, and trigger behavior is damaging us. We take the sensations and rewards as given, as though there is no other way to affirm ourselves.

All Addictions are primarily short-term, habitual rewards. We need to find alternate sources of satisfaction before jumping off into the void of addiction.

Examine your behaviors, especially your cravings,urges, and impulses, get your automatic responses under control.

The ADLs of Addiction Recovery.

Addictive Behavior Recovery

The Best Guarantee to avoid addiction’s clutches is to build up sufficient non-addictive rewards to offset any potential cravings, urges, or impulses.

We need satisfying non-addictive rewards which block and replace, any potential appetizing addictive-behavior.

Build a successful, well-rounded life with sufficient satisfactions from daily life rituals, common everyday pleasures of living fully.

Achievement, consciousness, awareness, self-respect, and community all help combat addictive behavior.

Under most of our Addictions is fear of loneliness, of being alone, helpless. Our addictive behavior gives us courage, we feel secure, momentarily safe.

We must find a more healthy relationship with life. Self responsibility really is self care.

We need satisfying spiritual activities which can restore our human perspective, our balance, and reorder our priorities with some clarity.

Perhaps a quiet walk can be a spiritual connection with our inner resources. Maybe read a book we’ve saved for that rainy day. If you are caught in an addiction it is more than a rainy day, it is a flood, it is your personal Katrina.

We need to give ourselves back our connectedness to the pleasurable, satisfying routines of daily life. We need an exercise in self forgiveness.

You want the help which calms the challenging cravings, urges, and impulses of Addictive-Behavior. Start recovering the things that really matter to your life.

Sobriety living sober is a mighty good start. Regardless of what the addiction is. The serenity prayer and a sobriety affirmation or two could also help.

Discover The Mind of The Addict.

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