Addictions Recovery Tools are your unique personal and spiritual resource.

Addictions Recovery Tools Are Here For You.

Perhaps You Wonder If It's Time...Time For Change.

You want personal help with addictions...really.

Maybe you've decided on abstinence for sobriety. Maybe you're wondering whether to commit to an addictions recovery plan.

Personal Recovery Tools can help you find sobriety through abstinence and spirituality. Whether it is supporting your already selected in-place-services and treatment plan, or to find and develop personal spirituality, meditations, and prayer.

Use the special Recovery skills and abilities you gain from this site's knowledge for your sobriety, spirituality, and restoration to the fullness of life.

Start receiving the benefits of using your Personal Recovery Tools. Jump start your restoration process.

The-Serenity-Prayer is the heart of Recovery

Your Personal Sobriety Plan supports recovery.

Knowing we have a Spiritual Disease expands our options.

Recovery-Success can be yours.

Make These Recovery Resource Tools Your Own.

Here and now.

Use them to address your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors which disturb your spirituality and inner balance.

You can learn what blocks SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People sabotage. Stop the sabotage to your recovery and sobriety.

Building a firm footing for your recovery can seem a pretty tough go at times. In fact, it might seem overwhelming under Artificial Stress.

Just focus on your recovery and sobriety whether you are in a particular treatment program or doing recovery on your own.

Recovery Tools are a supportive companion, an adjunct, to working with your sponsor, counselor, physician, or self-help meetings.

If you are reading this in a more restricted situation, adjust it to your recovery circumstances.

This material will also give you ideas for avoiding some of the potential recovery sabotage which bombards you daily. Particularly from your UFOs and the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People.

Probably the most important idea to realize about any helpful recovery resource is that the really tough abstinence work still has to be done by you, yourself, and usually alone.

Here Is A Really Great Resource for Sobriety Living Sober. Get Help.

Compulsive Behavior often underlies our problems. See How.

Relationships can bind a special type of Affection Disorder.

Explore the meaning of Brain-Mind-Disease a little more personal.

I-Am you know me. Learn why?

This Health-Directory helps us understand what we mean when we say Addiction.

Don't Stand In The Shadows And Curse The Darkness.

There are sure a lot of substances and behaviors considered Addictive. We are probably not alone. But, we are on our own. So...

Consider these Personal Recovery Tools as your private companions on your sobriety adventure.

Initially, I took offense when my doctor called my emergency hospital admission and treatment an adventure.

However, when I learned it was not a judgment, but, instead a suggested way of viewing events, I realized the value of seeing situations from a different perspective.

So, may Personal Recovery Tools become your helpful and supportive treatment companions. Then, perhaps, your addictions recovery experience can be similar as you learn new things about yourself and the world around you.

And we have a lot of company, addiction is epidemic, nearly ten percent of us are affected. This year twenty million plus Americans will be involved. Still only you alone can really work on your inner self.

Recovery Tools offer you a multi-dimensional approach to Recovery with special materials on spirituality, meditation, and prayer. There are real concerns. Think about drunk driving and alcohol and drunk driving

Not only major beliefs such as Christian, Zen, and Buddhist, but, also very personal individual approaches.

However, in any case, the solution begins with abstinence. And abstinence is individual. And you know abstinence must be maintained for the on-going process of personal recovery to occur.

As part of your plan, you'll want to consider how your addiction affects your physical, emotional, spiritual, and family aspects for recovery.

You were probably not born with addictive behavior. Of course, all behavior is affected by physical and genetic factors, however, biology need not always be destiny.

Think of Stephen Hawkings and Helen Keller or other examples closer to home. Biology need not be your destiny either.

Take a quick look at Alcohol-Abuse material to see how addiction can sneak up on you.

Alcohol Abuse can be a slippery slope.

Does Booze Problem have a ringing sound to you?

Love-Addictions can do intimacy in.

Discover How -Anguish Works.

There Is Nothing, But Thinking Makes It So.

So how did this business get started?

Something had to initiate the addictive process and then keep it running.

Let us suggest that perhaps, the problem began with your believing what you thought, instead of what you could have seen, if your eyes and mind were open, and you could SEE.

Addictive behaviors start with illusions you think you have to have satisfied in order to be happy.

Something you thought your life would collapse without. Then temporarily, the addictive substance or behavior satisfies or obscures that felt need.

The real problem is that you now have your very powerful survival instincts devoted to satisfying an addiction illusion.

The lies and new illusions just keep feeding the addictive beliefs and behaviors. For your recovery and sobriety to start the substance or behavior abuse must stop and stay stopped.

You know this. But what you may not fully understand is that beneath all this drama, is a more personal, intimate, inner self problem. A problem with philosophical or spirituality origins.

We'll examine those issues in detail on their screens.

Now, lets look at how:

1. Knowledge Ensures Your Personal Recovery.

2. Skills and Tools are for Personal Development of Abstimence and Sobriety.

3. Addictions-Recovery from Alcoholism and Codependency, through Abstinence and Sobriety. Knowledge and Skills we need to have.

Discover Let-go-Let-God Awareness

1. Recovery Requires Knowledge for Personal and Spiritual Growth

2. Skills and Tools for Personal Recovery

3.We can overcome Alcoholism and Codependency through Abstinence and Sobriety

4. An effective Alcohol Strategy can help overcome Addictions.

5.Goal-Setting Works

You'll find some useful Sobriety ideas here.

Get Real Help With The Illusions Which plague the Addicted.

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