Addictions-Spiritual-Orphans learn that wherever they go, there they are.

Addictions-Spiritual-Orphans can escape from the prison of memory.

We can realize we are Not our thoughts.

Addictions-Spiritual-Orphans begin to observe and recognize how their brain/mind functions through meditation and prayer. They also see what is happening with their bodies.

They create some distance from their self and their thoughts. They realize they are not their thoughts.

They realize they can escape the prison of memory.

Prayer and meditation can lead to enlarging our awareness, realizing that what we tell ourselves is not really the complete story. We can be here now. We can see things in this present moment.

Clarity becomes possible.

Meditation, focusing on our breath in a single-minded way allows us experiential rather than intellectual understanding. Feel like you are a spiritual orphan? Discover Positive Affirmations.

We can learn that perception and attentiveness change how our physical brains work.

And in turn our minds. We develop a mindful presence and awareness. Our mindful awareness can free us from anguish, delusion, and the craving prison of our memories. Mindful Meditation’s awareness can be the foundation for our journey out of orphan hood.

We can become completely enmeshed in the fabric of our addiction recovery. Peace envelops our life: We are no longer addictions-spiritual-orphans.

Evolutionary Spirituality can align our life with the direction and purpose of the universe. Mindful awareness aligns our addiction recovery with who we really are.

Our non-conceptional selves need no improvement, only recognition and acknowledgement. An ecstatic release from our old self-concerns and their anguish/pain. Explore the Mind of the Addict. Sound familiar?

We discover that by transcending our mind’s confusion we can attain enlightenment.

To begin we must realize spirituality is based on/in our minds. We work on the creator of our life, not just the creation.

Our mindfulness fills sound and space. In the process, we observe our life, second by second, minute-by-minute, we experience mindful awareness.

We can evolve our own spirituality. We can align ourselves with the conscience of the universe. We free ourselves from the mythic dogmatisms of pop religions. We are free of the memory prison.

We have been orphans long enough. Serenity Life Practice can lift your recovery.

Addictions-Spiritual-Orphans need spirituality and practice to grasp the wonder of our existence.

We can grasp the transformative powers of prayer and meditation. Our anguish has retreated. We embrace our ability to stay the course on our addiction recovery.

We have abandoned “Mindless Living.”

Try repeating the following Positive Affirmation often.

“As of today, I admit that my life is the result of my thoughts, my beliefs, my words, and my actions. I can change my life by changing my thoughts, my beliefs, my words, and my actions.”

Our lives are the result of our choices.Change is a catalyst for Addition Recovery. Discover Your ACE in the Hole for Addictions Recovery.

Addictions-Spiritual-Orphans realize Addiction is a Spiritual Disease.

Discover Relationships as Spiritual Practice.


We can learn to change our lives…if our intentions are powerful enough for full commitment.

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