Addictions-Illusions Must Go.

Pull your chair up a little closer and lets be honest.

Experience Letting Go. Learn to let it be.

Let's be Really honest about Addictions-Illusions.

Addictions-Illusions: We can’t solve Addictive Behavior problems using the same kind of thinking we held when we created our addictions. From Albert Einstein

We must let go our obsolete version of the world, the one which supports our addictions.

Speaking of addictions-illusions have you read the UFO screens? We’ll cover links you can use and bookmark for those resources shortly.

Many of us often feel we’d be fulfilled and satisfied if we had enough money, enough security, enough looks, or enough support, in any case, enough of something we feel we don’t have enough of.

These feeling developed and sustain our addictions.

But some people don’t go along with these feelings and expectations,these addictions-illusions.

Those folk who don’t go along are aware that we can’t ever fill the hungry heart with enough “things.” That is, what we imagine is required for us to be satisfied. And for us to be free of our hungry-heart’s constant demands.

Our hungry-heart brings us addictions in many forms: alcohol, drugs, sex, porn, smoking, gambling, food, shopping, people, and relationships.

Recognizing these substances and activities leads to the realization that addictions are everywhere in our lives. We all are at risk. No one is immune.

These addictions-illusions bind us to our addictive behavior. This then means we require some type of addiction rehab or recovery, for example, Drug Rehabilitation, Alcohol treatment, or other intervention to undo what our hungry heart has wrought.

We’ll cover how the potential for addictive behavior coincides with built-in conditions of our bodies and minds. Social and cultural factors then often mesh with these conditions predisposing us to addictions.

The illusions are essentially that “something” which can make us permanently happy, satisfied, and content. Like we imagine Carnation’s contented cow is. It is our own body/mind which binds us to these addictions-illusions.

But there is a way, an awareness, with which to free ourselves from addictions-illusions.

Certainly, it is unfortunate we didn’t find this awareness before our behavior turned into an addiction. Because, once we have taken up some addictive substance or activity, often just the occasional use re-addicts or reinforces our addiction.

In many cases, any use puts us back into the addictive state. And keeps us in bondage.

What has happened is that many of us didn’t get the kind of learning experiences which produce the level of awareness which would have enabled us to avoid addictions-illusions.

We got instead, the ancient illusions which reinforced our Unrealistic Expectations, False Assumptions, and Obsolete relationships. Usually gifts from our families and ancestors. Beyond Illusions is Addictions-Recovery and serenity.

Sobriety-Mindfulness offers an approach to Addiction Recovery.

Discover The Ways Unrealistic Expectations Have Affected Your Life.

Realize False Assumptions For What they Are.

Stop Obsolete Relaionships From Destroying Your Life.


The awareness we need is what Steve Hagen calls Seeing things (reality) as they are instead of as we wish (Unrealistic Expectations) or believe (False Assumptions-illusions) them to be.

To achieve awareness of our UFOS we must be willing to directly perceive our actual experience of the world.

To be aware we must let go our ancient agendas and attachments to our addictions-illusions. This letting go includes our Obsolete Relationships, which is another form of our addictive illusions.

These beliefs and resultant ingrained addictive behaviors lead us to attempt to satisfy, at least temporarily, our illusive and unreal expectations through using alcohol, drugs, food, sex, and other substances and activities…out there…in the world.

We attempt to satisfy our hungry-heart’s perpetual interior desires and cravings.

How do we expect to get self esteem from alcohol, speed, meth, sex, or food? We have truly bought into addictions-illusions.

Yet, our direct awareness of experience can lead to Seeing reality as it really is, not as we wish or imagine it to be. This is awareness itself, not awareness of something. We explore the very basic questions of life.

We want awareness about our immediate experience of the present moment. Beliefs, doctrines, and illusive traditions have no place. Our mind is free. Here and now.

We see directly into the nature of experience. No distortions. No addictions-illusions. No Unrealistic Expectations, no False Assumptions, no Obsolete Relationships, no SNUPS, Martians, or Drain People.

These holdovers from our history simply obscure our vision and distract us. Let them go. Unplug. With awareness we are focused, here and now, on this moment.

Our addictions stem from our personal illusions, that “out-there” is solace to our woes, our cravings, our needs and desires. Waking up, we see that we are what is the problem and that we are also the solution.

We must be a light unto ourselves. We can see.

For our rehab and rehabilitation from addictions we must be willing to see things in our life as they are, rather than as we hope, wish, imagine, or expect them to be.

Truth does not need any explanation. It only needs to be seen. Do You Have The Mind of an Addict?

Our Hungry Heart longs for Something.

We feel pain and loss. We suffer. Yet everything we need to alleviate this dissatisfaction, this craving, this itch, is right before us. But, we don’t realize it. We can’t see it.

Our hungry heart’s dissatisfaction is the first truth of existence. All the pain we bring to ourselves and others with addictions.

If we don’t see exactly what the problem is we’re going to perpetuate it. Pass it on to the next generation, who can pass it on, and on.

Consider your addictive agent.

When you searched for a way to make the interior pain bearable, you may have turned to a narcotic agent that would anesthetize your pain, even for a short period of time.

For some it is alcohol, for others it is drugs or sex or rage or spending. For still others, feeding the hungry heart means food or relationships.

The addictive agent blocks out having to cope or deal mentally or physically with other factors in our lives. Addictions-Illusions are just a skip and a jump away.

Our cravings are best satisfied by inner satisfactions, such as serenity and awareness. Solve inside emotional needs inside where they live.

But, first, you probably have to get over or through the denial. Denial is a major partner and supporter of addictions-illusions.

Addictions-Illusions and Habits of Addiction.

Denial is such a habitual part of addictions because when we feel we are living lives that aren’t ones we really want, the coffee, ice cream, cold beer, shots of scotch, or a joint, appears as a bright spot in our otherwise dismal grind.

Denial because, it is easy to deny the consequences of our acts. Simply refuse to see our behavior problem.

So then, for example, in considering drug or alcohol rehab we must address the issue that we are giving up our addictive form of treats, which have sustained us.

Even if it only provided a temporary reprieve from our pain, the stresses that caused us to turn to that behavior in the first place. Add any predisposition and we became full blown addicts, out of control.

It would seem to be just another act of cruelty, another addictions-illusion, to take away the sustaining treat (addiction) which we perceive as a pleasure.

All-the-while we have to return to and live that life which was so unsatisfactory it caused us to become addicted to the craving and release.

Our alcoholism treatment , drug rehab or other addictions recovery plan must address how to make changes in the causes, initiators or prompters of our addictive behavior.

To return to the same stresses and social, emotional and economic factors which helped to addict us will only put us back where we started. This will only make maintaining our sobriety additionally difficult.

We need a better option. Rather than just recovery to where we started on the road to addictions. We need an alternative which offers an improvement in our life. Perhaps, that is why spirituality works so well for some. Hopefulness.

Escaping Addictions-Illusions and living addiction free for a better life is our goal.

To free ourselves of our addictions-illusions we need to let go of old ideas and behaviors. We need to learn new ways of handling stress and life’s arrows of outrageous fortune.

In this, we naturally prefer to be allowed to make our own choices, directly and privately without a public show. In our own time we can say, “I am recovered.”

But probably, still addicted to our substance or behavior if we decide to give it another go. We’ll have no “pity pot.” And we’ll do no “gunny sacking” either.

Recovery from Addictions-Illusions can bring a kind of happiness that is effortlessly present at all times.

This is a type of happiness which can come from stopping the addictions-illusions, which are our relentless search and craving to fulfill our own needs.

This recovery serenity comes from letting go and relaxing with things exactly as they are while accepting the inevitable of the universe.

We can answer Mahatma Gandhi’s clarion call, “that we ourselves become the changes we wish to see in the world.” See how we all can be Spiritual Orphans.

Addictions-Illusions Are part and parcel of Addictions. See Why.


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