Addiction-Treatment can be Effective for Alcohol Rehab and for Substance Abuse.

Effective Addiction Treatment can be yours.

Addiction-Treatment starts here today. It is your call.

Addiction-Treatment can save your relationships and makes the peace of serenity possible.

But, for our Personal-Addictions-Recovery to be effective, we must first recognize what we are treating.

Do you live hamstrung by the bondage of addictions/substance abuse? With hope of treatment and recovery?

Has addiction enslaved your energies with desires, cravings, bonds, and obsessions which rule your life? Addiction-Treatment can help.

There is great reason to hope. Help is only a thought away.:

You are both the object of addiction-treatment and the instrument of addiction-treatment.

The same internal process responsible for alcohol and drug addiction may also be responsible for our addiction to relationships, work, food, sex, power, moods, and a laundry list of other attachments.

Many of us are addicts, in our own way. Often it is a matter of subtle degree. Our addictions enslave us. We do it to ourselves.

The knife in our back has our prints on it. It is self-sabotage, pure and simple.

Well here’s the Great Addiction-Treatment/Recovery News as promised. But there is a catch to it.

The most important treatment tool for your personal addiction recovery is you, yourself.

This is for two reasons:

1. First, because only you can really motivate yourself.

2. Secondly, because all addictions are personal. It is pretty hard to addict someone else, against their will. Of course, they do it in the movies. But then, dogs fly in movies.

So the place to make the most addiction-treatment impact on your addictive behavior and potential recovery is within yourself. That is, your beliefs, your thinking, your feelings, and your behaviors.

Others, like our site, can provide you the tools for change, if you’ll just take them and stay with it. Addiction is not a physical growth which a surgeon can just remove and make us well. Discover How The Mind of The Addict relates to you.

We humans are both fortunate and at-risk, we can decide or define who we are or will be. We can chose our beliefs and select the values we’ll support, usually based on our previous experience.

These values and beliefs set our boundaries and control our behaviors. The at-risk part is that those selected beliefs and values then influence and determine our behavior. And addiction is a selected risky behavior.

Addiction can get us into more trouble than we anticipate when we first select the values and beliefs that set it in motion or permit it to flourish.

One question which immediately arises, and which we will address is, “If our addiction is a disease, what choice did we have?”

The old question of nature versus nurture.

The answer is that regardless of whether you had a “choice” to become addicted, probably the only way out of it is if you assume responsibility for your own addiction recovery. Regardless of the helpers you have.

No one else can assure your addiction recovery unless they restrain you or lock you up in a cage for the rest of your life. That’s just the way it is. Consider a Sobriety Plan for your recovery.

Here is an addiction-treatment resource for local help.

So lets see how you can consciously choose to enhance your chances of successful addiction-treatment and recovery, whether it is from substance abuse, (alcohol, drugs, etc.) or a personal need for real weight loss.

We all are internally compelled to behave or respond in any situation in a way that is consistent with our internalized self-concept.

We originally developed our values and beliefs which identify us to our selves by what seemed to produce desirable results in our observed world.

Or we got them given to us by our believing what someone else thought and taught us.

Some of our childhood survival strategies may no longer be valid in a modern adult world. We probably should just let them go.

They are part of our UFOs, Unrealistic Expectations, False Assumptions, and Obsolete Relationships. Let go. The Serenity Prayer is the Bedrock for Addiction Recovery.

This Snups-Sabotage screen leads to recognizing your UFOs.

These illusory UFO beliefs may be just too heavy to carry. Because, in fact, much of our behavior or action is determined non-consciously to support our personal values or ingrained beliefs.

We will go to all kinds of lengths to support our beliefs, including self destructive behavior. For example, being burned at the stake. Or blowing up airplanes.

As a consequence, we don’t support the beliefs of others which do not agree with ours. Right or wrong, good or bad. So most input to our beliefs gets rejected right up front.

Try to not let this happen to your personal addiction-treatment and recovery. We’ll see how positive affirmations of personal intent can help.

So, what to do, now?

We can by effort and practice change our values and beliefs. This action on our part may be the most important step of our addiction-treatment.

This is so important because we behave in keeping with our self-concept. That is the way we have decided to define ourselves and the values and beliefs to which we subscribe.

We can as part of our addiction-treatment and recovery see our selves as a thin, recovered, sober, serene, happy, productive individual or see ourselves otherwise, it is our choice.

One way to help accomplish our addiction-treatment and this change of attitude is through positive affirmations of personal intent.

These are self-talk, self-instructions. Since repetition is the mother of habit change, our practicing of new behaviors can replace addictive behaviors with healthy ones.

We can learn to give our non-conscious mind the “OK” to alter our behavior and in turn our life. We’ll revisit positive affirmations of personal intent throughout the site material. Positive Affirmations of Personal Intent can change behavior.

Positive affirmations and practicing alternate behaviors are the self-help road-map to changing your non-conscious landscape for new abstinence/sobriety habits.

Old addictive behaviors can be changed, replaced by new more desirable recovery supportive habits and actions.

Modifying our beliefs and behaviors so they are consistent with our recovery self concept is paramount. Our beliefs determine our response to stimuli received from the environment.

We need abstinence and sobriety, and the peace of serenity.

Our non-conscious beliefs can be changed by our conscious mind through the process of repeating positive affirmations which support the addiction-treatment values and recovery goals to which we aspire.

The longer and more often the affirmations are repeated the higher priority they’ll have in your belief system. And consequently the more the new recovery oriented values will influence your behavior.

This practice allows your non-conscious to act on the new values. The process is really quite simple in nature. However, it requires time, patience and persistence to accomplish. Your reward can be sobriety and a sense of serenity.

Remember how you learned when you were young. You repeated the spelling word, over and over. You repeated the history fact until you knew it without hesitation.

It is the same with changing the beliefs and actions of your addictive behavior. We learn best by observing our own actions, rather than from others.

Of course, the behavior of others can support and confirm the observations we make about our own actions. Self teaching is tougher to accomplish, but more effective.

In time, in weeks, not months or years, the new beliefs and behaviors can become congruent with your personal values.

Your new addiction-treatment recovery values can put fresh emotions to your daily experiences which then guide your new choices, decisions and behaviors. Consider Let-Go-Let-God Awareness in your Recovery.

A major addictions treatment resource is Drug-Rehabilitation

Addiction-Treatment and Addictions-Recovey is possible through Self-Help.

Abstinence is usually a part of all Addictions Recovery

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