Addiction-a-Spiritual-Disease can be deconstructed by spirituality and practice.

Spirituality should include a deconstruction of our illusions, beginning with our UFOs.

Start deconstruction with our illusion of having something we never had.

Addiction-a-Spiritual-Disease begins as a disease of the spirit and usually ends up as a disease of the body, mind, and spirit. It finally devours our social, economic, and legal life.

What starts as anguish, a simple existential craving for wholeness, eventually envelopes the entire person’s self and life. This happens whether the substance is alcohol, weed, coke, speed, sex, food or simple greed.

We attempt to fill up our emptiness, our anguish, our existential-emotional-mind pain with meaning from outside ourselves.

Addictive behavior is like trying to make the ocean wet by pouring water into it. Doesn’t work.

We temporarily patch ourselves, or try to, with food and drink. Failing this, we seek other restless ego-satisfactions.

We move to alcohol, drugs, sex, and other risking and obsessive behaviors. We try to make the world fit our expectations. So we struggle on with our endless obsessive behaviors.

The truth is our human condition comes with a deep, built in longing for completion, for fulfillment. This desire is the seed of our subjective suffering; the source of our anguish.

You can’t fill the empty hole from outside, only from inside. We must regain our inner strength. Some call it their personal spiritual practice.

Yes, it is hard to find satisfaction, happiness, inside yourself, but, it is impossible to find it anywhere else.

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So what is our alternative to Addiction-a-Spiritual-Disease ?

We just can’t seem to get enough. Gotta have a fix, regardless of the consequences. Whether ice cream, chocolate, bingo, pull tabs, booze or heroin.

Our whole person soon becomes a slave to desire, triggers, and cravings. Ever ask yourself "why do some people drink Alcohol?"

So is there a solution to this condition? Yes! Stop Craving.

Let Go the anguish. Sound simplistic? Well it isn’t really, and yet it is. That’s our human condition, we love and hate, in a constant duality.

If we could let them both go, so would the anguish, the desires. The reward, a life of understanding, instead of stress. Peace instead of anguish, craving, and pain.

The question then becomes how to stop the cravings. To let go the anguish. We cover this effective process here in a series of screens, all reachable from the tab on the left: Ending-Addiction.

Experience your Relationship as Spiritual Practice.

You’ll learn how to reduce your cravings by letting go your addictive attachments and deconstructing those based on illusions.

For example our UFOs. Unrealistic Expectations, False Assumptions, and Obsolete Attachments.

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Addiction-a-Spiritual-Disease includes what we have done to others.

Addiction-a-Spiritual-Disease means we must also recognize and repair some of the personal, social, and economic damage we caused by our addiction activity.

Consider restarting or initiating spiritual practice. Do it at your own speed. Compose your own positive affirmations. Your own positive affirmative prayers. Activities you really plan to carry out.

A spiritual disease requires a spiritual treatment.

We all need words of spiritual encouragement.

Faith is daring our soul to go beyond what our eyes can see.

A personal affirmation is often the best prayer…even meditation.

“On this day, I’ll take it as it comes.

And in the present moment. Now.

I’ll accept what is. Things as they are.”

Or maybe a modified Sobriety Prayer:

“I will change what I can, that needs changing.

I’ll leave unchanged what I can not change. And I’ll pray I know the difference.”

With our addictions, most of us do know the difference.

Addiction-a-Spiritual-Disease begs for Spirituality-Practice.

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