ACoA's Recovery: First Discovery, Then Recovery.

by EAR

ACoAs can and do recover from the effects of being raised in an alcoholic family.

Thousands are already well and leading healthier and happier lives than they had ever dreamed possible.
Wayne Kritsberg's work:"The Adult Children of Alcoholics Syndrome" goes from discovery to recovery.
Kritsberg stresses that Recovery from the ACoA syndrome is a process.
It is a gradual awakening, rather than an event. Although recovery is often filled with moments of sharp, clear insights, and blazing realizations, for most part, and for most ACoAs, recovery is learning to live life from a new and different point of view, one day at a time.
People who grow up in alcoholic families often have common symptoms and behaviors as a result of their common experiences.
Symptoms and behaviors directly related to the experience of being raised in an unsafe, dysfunctional, alcoholic family system.
The roles we learned are in direct response to the rules of the alcoholic family. The rules of the family are in response to the disease of alcoholism.Releasing the underlying fear, anger, and hurt, is a cornerstone of ACoA recovery. Letting go of pain and fear is necessary.
Recovery does not happen by just thinking about it or wanting it.
Ultimately, the decision to work through ACoA issues is an act of faith, and spiritual commitment.
The map is not the territory, but Kritsberg's book is a guide to the territory. Great real help.

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Aug 01, 2010
Sharing Is Our Way Of Reaffirming Ourselves.
by: Anonymous

When we share our progress, slow or fast, hard or sweet, on the Recovery Road we honor our supporters and sponsors.

We share what is real with us and to others, no man or woman is an island to themselves.

The Recovery Road is littered with Relapse and Regeneration. Often side by side. That is the nature of our human experience.

Success is simply getting up one more time than we fall down.

You pick yourself up, shake off the dust and get back in the human race.

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