Your Spirituality-Practice, Prayer,and Meditations enhance your Sobriety for Addictions Recovery

Spirituality-Practice may be the heart of Your Addicions Recovery.

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Personal Awakening is always available within each of us.

Addiction is a Spiritual Disease. See Why.

Your Personal Practice is completely how YOU do it.

Spirituality-Practice is the ground rock of what it means to be a complete human being.

Discover how a Healing Internalized focus can save your Personal Addictions Recovery and lead to Sobriety and Abstinence success.

Your Practice is personal.

Your personal beliefs or lack of them is an internalized characteristic of how you conceive and see yourself. Internal is also where your addictions recovery starts. And internal is where you find the courage, strength, and motivation to keep your recovery going.

Your internalized self is paramount because it is where your behavior’s self-control boundaries are established and maintained. Where your sobriety and abstinence lives or dies.

Your Practice is not dependent upon external ties to, or participation in, some group or organization.

It is your personal practice. It is simply part and parcel of your internal functioning self, a part of your concept of who and what you are, your very being. And it is as you personally experience it.

Yes...You can expand your internal control boundaries. This experience, in turn, supports your sobriety efforts, which enhances your chance for personal addictions recovery.

You do not have to hold formal religious beliefs or belong to an established group, for example, Buddhist, Zen, or Christian, in order to practice spirituality.

However, being a member of an organization, such as AA, or CODA can offer a sense of belonging, which some of us both want and need.

A Personal Practice usually means experiencing a deep sense of purpose and meaning in life. One can also feel that life has a richness which also promotes self acceptance, and personal integration.

Having ourselves together and feeling good about it. These factors promote sobriety, abstinence, serenity and enhance recovery from addictive behavior.

There can be a special kind of synergy between different internalized parts of your self concept. This synergy means one aspect of your beliefs and behaviors supports and enhances another aspect of your being.

All parts involved are then stronger because of the support. Spirituality, Meditation, and Prayer can form such a synergistic triad.

This type of synergistic interplay can enhance your desire for the experience of wholeness. This is not just a brain/mind kind of thing, or only for mystical gurus.

Spirituality is the experiencing what it means to be a complete human being.

Spirituality connects our deep unique personal world with the universe in which we live. You’ll find it is a connection through and beyond creeds and cultures.

As an individual, you may need your own personal place, both mental and physical, to connect with your own spirituality. Be it a corner of a room, along with a corner of your mindscape.

Some of us are lucky enough to find it in the privacy of both our physical and mental gardens. While others find it in a group experience.


Whether as part of a group, or on your own, you want two major results of your efforts:

1. Better understanding of, and personal acceptance of, your internalized control boundaries. Result: Better self-control of personal behavior.

2. Better control of boundaries offers the best chance for your sobriety and abstinence.

Seize your natural tendency to make things happen, with both hands. It is present in all of us. Capitalize on your tendency to grow, to develop, to realize your full potential.

Enhancement of your Spiritual-Practice can help build the strength of your internal sobriety boundaries, enable stress-reduction, and increase serenity.

As you proceed, to build your Spiritual Relationships with others, those people who can help you see and realize when you are expressing your highest potential.

Always keep in mind that some find groups like AA very satisfying. Learn to recognize your progress supporters.

Your Spirituality-Practice may develop slowly over a period of time. Be that as it may. Out of your addiction pain can come Spiritual surrender, and your pursuit, your striving for understanding, can lead you to purposeful dedication, serenity and awareness.

Start your Spiritual-Practice, like many of us have done in the early stages of recovery, Step-By-Step. Begin training yourself to think about Letting-Go for just a moment in the morning and again at bedtime.

Start at your own pace, just start, speed is not an issue. For some, the ultimate spiritual lifestyle is “simply being.” For others, it is one of more action orientation. Just be yourself.

Most important to remember is:

The menu is not the meal.Just as the recipe is not the food.

As you develop your personal Spirituality-Practice, pay more attention to your sense of the experience than to the map of the route. Too often we get hung-up in bells and whistles.

What will help with this is to become familiar with the variety of practices available to you. An excellent way to get a “lay-of-the land” is to visit the number of screens found here under Spirituality-Practice.

Some of them relate to Prayer and Meditations, two important avenues for serenity and the maintenance of abstinence and stress-reduction.

They also cover: Personal, including Natural, and Common Sense Recovery, Let-Go-Addictions, Letting-Go-Codependence, and various organizational approaches.

An important part of your Personal Addictions Recovery is to chose and plan your own route. Consider, Let-Go-Addictions, and Letting-Go-Co-Dependence.

Personal-Awakening Enhances Our Chance For Adictions-Recovey

Spiritual Practice is enhanced by Mindful Awareness.

Discover the power of Positive Affirmations.

Womens Spirituality and Practice offers a grounding.

Spirituality-Practice is enhanced when we Let-Go-Addictions. Abstinence ans Sobriety are not blocked

Letting-Go-Codependence and Addictions Wins and Saves Sobriety and Serenity

See Evolving Personal Spirituality.

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