Let-Go-Addictions and Codependence and save your Serenity and Sobriety

Let-Go-Addictions can mean Let Go Let God.

Letting Go can be one of the most difficult things we do.

Let-Go-Addictions. Letting-Go can save your personal addiction recovery and win the sobriety, abstinence, and serenity struggle.

Letting-Go works.

Don’t hang your self out to dry.

Forgiveness isn’t about the other fella, it’s about letting your self off the hook.

Let-Go-Addictions. The release can give you a clearer view or your recovery and everything around you.

If you Let Go Addictions and try to make the world fit your expectations, you struggle endlessly. Unplug. Let it be.

But if you try to flow with the change you’ll take advantage of that momentum and start to become more flexible, opening yourself to new possibilities, perhaps over looked in the heat and dust of past expectations.

Let-Go-Addictions can enable you to awaken to the endless possibilities of openness, in addition to the possibility of ceasing expectations.

When you Let-Go Addictions and other rigid and inflexible assumptions, attachments and agendas you open up, you free yourself to experience the full potential of your creative nature. You become available to present possibilities.

Self-Reliance is not dependent upon extremes.

Your abstinence, sobriety, serenity and self-reliance is primarily dependent upon your internal decisions for action.

What you decide you want to achieve matters. In any case, you’ll probably have to fight for your personal addiction recovery goals.

Obviously, your own brain/mind is your best survival tool. Do what you can to enhance it.

Letting-Go can root your self-concept in reality of the present moment, not an obsolete abstract one. It will be a reality you see and not what you or someone else thinks.

The high level of conscious awareness you’ll develop by Let-Go-Addictions, may be your best tool to meet life’s challenges, including sobriety and abstinence.

Let-Go-Addictions. Your self-esteem reflects your deepest vision of your competence and self worth. Reality, not pretense, is the key. Addiction distorts not only our sense of self worth, but our perception of the very reality we inhabit.


Try to approach the content of your inner experience as a non-critical observer. An observer interested only in reality, not in making moral judgments.

With practice and experience, you can be a non-critical witness to your own emotions, thoughts, and memories. Pleasant or unpleasant.

You can do this without being controlled by them or being driven to destructive addictive responses. So…


Self acceptance has curative potential. It has healing power. And self-acceptance infers self-awareness.

Because, when we are out of contact with our real needs and wants we face life disarmed and rudderless. Ripe for the SNUPS, Martians, Drain People, and their sabotage with its Artificial Stress.

Let-Go-Addictions. Letting-Go. You must let it go.

When we say these words, what do we mean? What does it do?

When we really let it go. It helps us free and heal ourselves from the burden of our earlier life experiences. We can let our parents rest. We let ourselves off the hook too.

The problem with not letting-go, with holding, with Codependency is that holding is really desire. Holding carries “wishes” with it.

We wish things had been different; we wish we had been different. The problem is that desires, wishes, and expectations are cut from the same cloth. And as we know:

Desire is the mother of pain. Let-Go-Addictions.

Things are what they are

The awareness of letting-go means fully and completely accepting, “things as they are.” Does this mean the situation and things have to stay that way? No! Many things can be changed.

As The Serenity Prayer says: “We need the wisdom to know the difference.”

So our being able to accept “things as they are” is enhanced by a fuller understanding. This is where knowledge and skills come in.

To Let-Go-Addictions and Codependency is to decide to heal yourself.

You have given yourself permission to experience whatever is brought forth in this emerging moment to help you with your recovery’s healing acceptance. Your life changes in the process.

Letting-go can only come from within. Look inward. Events of the world certainly offer us learning experiences. But, it is our internal learning to deal with our own addiction difficulties that provides the best teacher.

It is our own conscious awareness which we bring to bear on acceptance or taking action based on the moment’s circumstances, which allows us to creatively work with the inevitable.

This is self-help at its very best. There is no one to blame. Let it be what ever it will be.

To Let-Go-Addictions and to accept reality, also means dealing with the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People in our recovery from addictive behavior as well as in our lives. You see how they affect you in the Sabotage screens.

Most interesting is the fact that to function effectively, we must, like Janus, learn how to “see in two directions.”

This allows us to maintain contact with the world and with the full inner world of self. Both world and self are a part of our recovering reality.

Conscious contemplation and meditation can help provide access to both areas. The Meditation screens can offer some helpful guidance in our sobriety and abstinence self evaluation.

Self evaluations, especially those made under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or other addictive behaviors exaggerate our fantasies.

Real self-esteem comes from those inner-self generated practices that make it possible for you to achieve sobriety and abstinence to continue your recovery journey.

Let-Go-Addictions means for your consciousness to learn to trust itself. It doesn’t mean abandonment of self responsibility.

It requires the courage and freedom to accept abstinence and sobriety and to heal ourselves.

We need to Let-Go and Let-God, but we also need to continue to cut our own wood and carry our own water. It is not someone else’s job.

So, to know what Let-Go, Let-God Awareness is, and especially what it is not, requires the courage and freedom to practice it, in your own life, in order to discover the experience which underlies the words, the language.

Your serenity awareness is individually developed as you put it into practice.

Ancient wisdom says: “What we resist is what we get.” Resistance only helps to keep situations stuck. It is far better to Let Go.

And the truth is, you must discover the wisdom to Let-Go-Addictions for yourself. No one else can do it for you. The wisdom to Let-Go will come from how you learn to view, SEE the world…and your place in it.

When we Let-Go-Addictions we relinquish control to the rhythmic process of life and the omnipotence of the universe.

When we Let-Go-Addictions and relinquish our attempts to control, we experience ourselves partaking in the process of creative personal recovery.

Our inner balance is restored, and our sobriety, abstinence, and serenity have a descent chance to succeed.

Research evidence indicates that spiritual and personal well being coupled with a sense of inner guidance can establish and set the way we perceive ourselves. It can lead to what we call inner balance.

In approaching our personal addictions recovery the following is a major idea to consider:

All addictions are related

There are varying biochemical (body-brain-mind) relationships between them. For example: Drugs can stimulate reward circuits more strongly and quickly than food. But many of the same circuits.

These reward stimulating substances can replace our usual lifestyle reward activities, causing us to neglect our responsibilities and fail to take care of ourselves. As many of us are so painfully aware.

Lets make the point here again: All addictions share the common theme of substituting for our usual healthier lifestyle rewards.

The problem is that they are too rewarding, and difficult to give up. We grow to really like them, even as they may be killing us.

Of course, some substances are beneficial to us. However, no drug will be able to really cure our craving. That’s because our cravings are not rational, they are not governed by a single substance.

Also our cravings, that is, our wishes, desires, wants, impulses, and hungers are not all governed by the same neuron synapse. They don’t all occur in the same area of the brain.

Our responses stimulate activity in multiple areas of the brain: emotion, memory and reward.

What is the point of all this science? To say, once again, what you probably already know:

It is hard to satisfy an emotional itch with a beer or hit of speed. It may cover up or take away our craving for awhile, but it won’t scratch the itch.

There has got to be a better way to handle our feelings, fears and desires. A better way to reward ourselves for surviving. We share what we think are better ways here on these pages/screens.

Perhaps, the best answer to our cravings, those mechanisms in our brains with a need for a reward, is that they could be satisfied by letting go.

We could also develop some internal controls and find some non-addictive palliative turn-ons.

Some have suggested that many of us already use music, video games, and shoe shopping as stop gap measures, short of addiction.

Spirituality would be some people’s strong recommendation, even if non-religious Spirituality.

Think about it. Reward is the keyword. What are your alternatives, which don’t include alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling or food addiction.

This diet related ad from Reader’s Digest is a good example:

"Let it go. Since stress is a huge trigger for cravings, learning to deal with it could potentially save you hundreds of calories a day. This will take some practice.

You can try deep breathing or visualizing a serene scene on your own, or you can speed things up by buying one of the many CDs that teach Relaxation/Affirmation Techniques by Nancy Hopps (available at rd.com/relax)."

And a personal copy of our Let-Go, Let-God Awareness from Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com won’t make you a guru or give you instant enlightenment, but it could open the door to understanding and awareness. Take a look.

Discover The Mind Of The Addict.
We can learn to let go our Addicted Self.

You can learn how to let go.

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