False-Assumptions Block and Sabotage Personal Addiction Sobriety and Abstinence

False-Assumptions are the basis of All Addictions

See the Connection between False Assumptions and Addiction.

We can understand The Mind Of The Addict.

Stop the Cravings, Urges, and Impulses, Cut the False Assumptions.

False-Assumptions Undercut Your Sobriety, And Doom Your Personal Addiction Recovery, Abstinence, and Spirituality To Failure.

False-Assumptions are Believing what you Think instead of what you can SEE.

As a psychotherapist I often heard, “Miriam tricked me.She broke my trust; violated my faith in her.”

My head would nod and I’d ask, “How was that?”

But, to myself, I’d often say, “Perhaps, Mary doesn’t deserve all the responsibility. Maybe, you didn’t make a very realistic diagnosis.”

An example may help with recognizing potential sabotagefrom False-Assumptions before it occurs. Then with this awareness, prevention may be possible.

Perhaps you can avoid the problem, before it becomes a disaster.

The Frog and the Scorpion

The large frog bounded along the grassy slope. It was early summer and he was as happy as any frog could be. At the bottom of the slope the frog came to a narrow bank beyond which was a raging river.

He decided he would swim across and continue on his journey, but first, a brief rest.

As the frog awoke from his nap and prepared to swim across the river he was joined by a scorpion. The scorpion was quick to speak.

“I must cross the river to join my family. But I can’t swim. Will you give me a lift across on your back?”

The frog at first looked puzzled and thought for a few moments before he responded.

“No. No. You might sting me, and then I’d die.”

“I wouldn’t do that, no way,” the scorpion was quick to reassure. “If you give me a lift on your back and I sting you, you’ll die. Then since I can’t swim, I’ll drown. Think about it.”

The frog thought again and took his time in replying.

“You’re probably right; you won’t sting me, because it would kill you too. You wouldn’t do that. OK. I’ll take you across.”

The scorpion quickly climbed onto the frog’s back and they entered the water as one.

The frog struggling under the extra load paddled furiously. He was sure he could swim to the opposite shore.

Mid-way into the river the frog felt a painful sting on his side. The scorpion had broken his word.

As the venom began to spread the frog struggled on. Finally the effort was too great, and as the frog began to sink, he screamed.

“Why? Why did you do it? Why did you sting me? If I die, you know you‘ll drown.”

The scorpion with his last good breath responded.

“You brought it on yourself. You knew all along I was a scorpion, and that scorpions sting.”

The frog died realizing that, yes, he knew all along. If only he’d believed what he could SEE instead of what he thought or was told.

In his turn, the scorpion slid under the raging water.

Can you recognize a scorpion when you see one?

Can you SEE the scorpions in your life? If so, can you face your own Awareness? Or, are you tied to your UFOs. Are your False-Assumptions too tightly bound?

False-Assumptions Are Often Part Of Our Initial Recovery Thinking, They Are Self Sabotage, Ready to Strike Our Sobriety.

A False-Assumption is your knowing and believing what you think instead of what you can SEE with your eyes and your mind fully open.

And so, for example, you assume you can have absolute beliefs in a relative, constantly changing world.

You think, you believe you can have a drink or two, a fix now and then, a pig out at the deli that won’t count, or just a few hands of innocent poker.

But with Let-Go, Let-God Awareness you can begin to grapple with your False Assumptions, and start to take into account the illusionist’s daily sabotage and absolutist assaults, which threaten your efforts.

You can move beyond what you know because it is what some illusionist thinks. You can begin to see beyond illusions.

Some say: “To SEE with lidless eyes. “

SEEING means taking in all the information and data which is available to you. Most important is SEEING the information and situation from the objective observer’s viewpoint, as from outside yourself, apart from your False Assumptions.

False-Assumptions also include how you take what you see, and then run it through your mental sieve, your fixed belief system. That is what you think or what some illusionist has taught you to think. Your UFOs.

And so you aren’t surprised when what you saw comes out perfectly shaped, but, something else. Not what was seen. You must learn to believe what you SEE instead of what you think.

Otherwise, your ingrained beliefs and attitudes serve as unconscious mental triggers to set off your Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, or other Addictive Behavior actions.

These actions are often just your non-conscious validation of illusionist propaganda. Simply, False-Assumptions.

Your thinking has been and is shaped by, some say, memes, metaphors, and similes.

In any case, it is often someone else’s one-sided, self-centered half-truths, or complete falsehoods, trying to sell you on some addiction, grand scheme or addictive illusion. Codependency runs with these guys.

Your mind is bombarded every minute of every day of your lifetime with these False-Assumptions. It is no wonder this process further sabotages your ability to recognize illusions and to recover from addictive behaviors..

How can this happen?

Simply because, from our earliest years of life, we accept what is “taught” to be the gospel truth. Only as some of us grow into adolescence and adulthood do we begin to question these truths.

So, we continue to take action based on False-Assumptions. And, you can’t make good judgments based on incorrect information, false beliefs and illusions.

Is there a way out of this maze of falsehoods?

Yes. Cease Expectations. Let-Go, Let-God.

False-Assumptions arise from what you think, or what others think instead of the reality you could SEE, if you opened your eyes without expectations without fear, or assumptions.

With Let-Go, Let-God Awareness you SEE your situation from the impartial observer’s viewpoint. Then you can react to what you actually SEE reality to be and not as you think it exists.

False-Assumptions begin to fall away. And you start to abandon the self sabotage of your recovery, your spirituality, your prayers,and meditation.

Become Sabotage Savvy.

Saboteurs…particularly Martians and Drain People...are just bullies on the prowl for those they believe are less secure, less confident, less informed, and less aware; someone they can manipulate.

With Let-Go, Let-God Awareness you can learn to recognize the scorpions, Martians, Drain People and their sabotage traps.

You can then let them go; or you can remove yourself from their range. Free them to look for a new playing field where they can find easier prey.

Important steps.

Practice with the simple SNUPs first. Gradually recognize some of your False-Assumptions. Then realize how you’ve make decisions and judgments based on falsehoods.

At the very least, they wasted your time, misused your talent, and squandered your treasure.

Let-Go, Let-God Awareness will help in understanding your False Assumptions. And guide you toward eliminating some of them.

This work should also lead you to putting aside some of your Obsolete Relationships which can hold you in an iron grasp.

See which of your Obsolete Relationships come to mind when you visit the Obsolete Relationships screen. Return To The Sabotage-Stress screen from this False-Assumptions screen..

Understand how Addiction grows from False Assumptions.

Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness extends to Addictions

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