Drain-People-Sabotage Robs Your Personal Addictions Recovery Of Sobriety,Abstinence, and Spirituality

Stop The SNUPs, Martians and Drain People, before they stop you.

Drain-People-Sabotage Is Just That:

Drain-People-Sabotage drains you of your Addictions Recovery time, talent, and treasure.

Drain-People-Sabotage and make constant unrealistic demands on your human and material resources, this includes undercutting your sobriety and spirituality. They can suck-up your abstinence efforts in one gulp.

UNPLUG. As part of your self-help Let-Go, Let Drain People Go.

Let Drain People go their own way. You go yours.

Think for a moment of the following behaviors and how the people who exhibit them have affected your sobriety and your self-help recovery and your personal life, and see if they continue to influence you.

Drain People lie, steal, cheat, snipe, and endanger all those around them through being careless with other people’s personal lives.

This is Drain-People-Sabotage. Drain People will bleed your Personal Addictions Recovery dry.

And they’ll try to lead you to their own personal addictions, their irresponsible behaviors, and indecisive failures. They can teach you covert avoidance and share with you their problems with recovery commitment.

Drain-People-Sabotage may appear to come from the timid, but, they have a longing for you to join them.

All the while they are sharing with you the most recent revelation, or prophesy from their wonderful illusionist who promises the power of transformation. Illusions are the stock-in-trade of Drain People.

Of course, illusions and illusionists are built into the very fabric of our cultures and they infect all societies. They are part and parcel of our daily lives.

In this, they usually serve secular, economic, and religious causes as palliative control devices. Abstinence for Sobriety underpins Your Addictions-Recovery.

Drain-People-Sabotage is Sabotage Stress.

Drain-People-Sabotage like Self-Sabotage can destroy Personal Addictions Recovery, Sobriety, and Abstinence

Let-Go-Let-God Awareness is a major ally in recovery.

Santa and Cinderella

Our “Tooth Fairy” illusions of childhood were false, albeit, even while we enjoyed them. We liked Santa and Cinderella. Still do. But…and that is a big but, we know they are illusory.

And we do not go to the rack for believing in them, nor do we routinely kill our neighbors because they believe or don’t believe in Santa. The reason is we know from SEEING…that he is an illusion, promulgated by “loving” illusionists.

But absolute illusionists have brought us crusades, jihads, ethnic cleansing, slavery, scams, inquisitions, person bombs, human sacrifices, martyrs, and wars, and more wars. They have even offered us the opportunity to ride the comet to another world afterlife. Die now, live later.

This Drain-People-Sabotage is not Santa stories, they are very destructive illusions. They can initiate guilt which destroys sobriety, serenity, and abstinence. They are as Gore Vidal stressed, “the cancer at the core of our culture.”


The absolute illusionists, especially the professionals who live off of the followers of their illusions, skillfully latch onto your UFOs: Your Unrealistic Expectation, False Assumptions, and Obsolete Relationships.

And, in no time, you believe what someone else thinks. You do not believe what you can SEE in the world if you would open your eyes and SEE. You are ripe for Drain-People-Sabotage.

This is what Alan Watts has to say in regard to absolute illusionists.

“Reasonable---that is, human-men will always be capable of compromise, but men who have dehumanized themselves by becoming the blind worshipers of an ideal (absolutes) are fanatics whose devotion to abstractions (illusions) makes them enemies of life.” Visit and bookmark Alan Watts Site for later.

Drain-People-Sabotage Behaviors

Drain People are careless with other people’s Alcohol Addiction Recovery, Drug Treatment, and, of course, personal lives.

A “friend” offers you a ride home, fishing or hunting trip, or any joint activity involving vehicles, guns, deep water, or other areas where the chance or risk of injury or loss of life is possible.

Now you add alcohol, other substance abuse, or irresponsible behavior…such as driving in a reckless manner, then you have the potential for tragedy. And you are at ground zero of the event.

Of course, there are simpler forms of careless Drain-People-Sabotage behavior. For example, a person who indiscriminately shares your personal information, particularly in our “identity theft” times.

You can certainly think of other examples. One is extremely prevalent.

Love Is Where You Find It.

Only food rivals sex for our attention…even money and power come in a low third and fourth, unless they are related to securing food or sex. These areas obviously contain the building blocks of addictions.

How little thought of possible consequences some give to initiating sexual contacts. Is it not, in the case of sexually transmitted diseases, the ultimate self sabotage?

We'll cover Self-Sabotage on the next screen. You'll find it revealing.

Sex and love are not always connected. They share only where there is genuine mutual caring. Addictions-Recovery will show how we drift into trouble.

Drain-People-Sabotage Naturals

* Witless. You shouldn’t have been fooling with them in the first place. That is unless, of course, they are relatives, part of your addictions recovery program or the boss.

In that case, you need to develop a plan to UNPLUG from Drain-People-Sabotage or at least get an elastic connection and stretch the hell out of it.

* Addicted. Compulsion, as you know, shows up in many ways, alcohol, drugs, other substance abuse, sex, food, gambling, or any obsessive behavior.

This includes those who are self medicated. You know these people; they are often very close to you. Drain-People-Sabotage may be sleeping next to you.

* Irresponsible. Wow, these people come in all shapes, forms, and flavors, from simply avoiding commitment by delaying or avoiding a definite response, to putting off decisions, and missing deadlines.

By allowing their responsibility for action to shift to you, they put you and your addictions recovery at risk and under stress and thereby sabotaging your abstinence and sobriety and, of course, your recovery and your life.

Naturally, some people are simply timid, their ability to risk failure by making a definite commitment, just isn’t there. They want something done or to happen, but, they don’t or can’t seem to take responsibility for the required decisive action.

The results to you and your life is often the same, Drain-People-Sabotage, regardless what their reasons are. Just more Addictions Recovery Sabotage.

* Perfectionist. At first, their preoccupation with finding flaws, in everything and everyone, seems a desire to improve things. No. This behavior is a Drain Person’s dream.

And the negativity often ends in destructiveness. Perfection is really pretty hard to attain. Usually good is good enough. Look about you for perfection, and give me a call.

* Spaceman. Some folks don’t find “the world” to be inviting. So they seek solace and security by creating their own obsessive private internal world.

Others flee to the world of the web or bury themselves in more radical addictive escapes, including chemicals and monasteries or the ultimate in martyrdom. THe Activities of Daily Living can carry you to addiction recovery and beyond to sobriety.

Drain-People-Sabotage Professionals.

We haven’t yet touched on those behaviors mentioned earlier: lying, stealing, cheating, sniping, and especially, being careless with other people’s personal lives.

When you know…and can SEE…you or your addictions recovery plans have encountered…or forbid, become enmeshed with this level of Drain-People-Sabotage…RUN AWAY FAST.

UNPLUG NOW. Let-Go, Drain People have nothing to offer you or your addictions recovery. They offer only more grief, sabotage, and pain.

Can you help a Drain Person to reduce their sabotage behaviors?

Perhaps! Therefore you can make a commitment to challenge Drain-People-Sabotage, confront…their attempted sabotage behavior when it involves you or your addictions recovery.

Remaining silent will not work. You have to speak to the sabotage issue. And you can learn to do it with skill, respect, and fairness to all. But, you must act. And the quicker you do it, the better.

To deal with Drain-People-Sabotage you must learn to confront them or to leave them alone with their issues. If your confrontation is not successful, you may still have to UNPLUG.

In any case, take back control of your life and never let-go the control of your addictions recovery.

Regardless of who the Drain Person is, you and your addictions recoverydeserve respect. And you should expect a definite response from them to make a “commitment to try to change their behavior, at least as far, as you are concerned.” Yes or no.

You have a sober life to lead. You don’t need to be left “hanging.”

So what are you to do about the SNUPs, Martians, Drain People, and other illusionists who attempt to use your UFOs to sell you their unreal ideas which can destroy your personal addictions recovery efforts?

Perhaps, it is enough to say, “Just SEE them, and let them go.”

No need to disturb the Drain-People-Sabotage alligators until you are across the river.

Let the Drain-People-Sabotage initiators go, otherwise, you are destined to “teach pigs to sing.”

Don’t. It’ll only annoy the pigs and waste your time. Life is not a rehearsal, you get only one performance.

Why do it with self induced Artificial Stress? Let the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People go. Simply, let them go. Because, you don’t want to bet on reruns either.

On the next screen, Self-Sabotage, we’ll examine the best Self-Help steps to deal with this tough area of Sabotage.

You'll learn how to keep control of your Personal Addictions Recovery and sobriety and serenity, so you can rediscover your life.

Don't Let Drain people Ruin your Addictions-Recovery.