Addictions-Recovery is possible through Self-Help Knowledge for Abstinence and Sobriety

Have Yourself An Ace In The Hole.

Addictions-Recovery is your rightful expectation.

Let Self-Help Knowledge be your Addictions-Recovery Ace-In-The Hole.

Ace-In-The-Hole is a hidden advantage or resource kept in reserve until needed. As in the game of Stud Poker.

Build your knowledge of what can work for your Addictions-Recovery.

Some substances, like alcohol for example, have a unique feature. Once the substance is taken into the body a desire or craving for more of the feeling, and therefore the substance, is set off in us.

“I’ll just have a couple of beers,” for an alcohol addicted individual usually means “slipping’ and trouble with Sobriety and Addictions-Recovery.

Ideas are like firecrackers, some people shouldn’t play with them.

What does Addictions-Recovery mean for you?

First of all, defining Addictions-Recovery means trying to capture the essence of a complex and pervasive concept. We all can become addicted to almost anything. The list is long.

And often are those activities which otherwise are a natural part of our lives, food, sex, and shopping, for example.

Some even feel enough exercise can induce a possible addiction response. The-Addicted-Self makes consciousness a priority.

See What a First Class Treatment Center... Los Angles Sober Living can offer you.

Addiction is a Spiritual Disease.

See how Addictions Spiritual Orophans find personal spirituality.

You can learn to Let-Go-Addictions.

As part of your Self-Help Addictions-Recovery you should reflect on how Addictive Behavior was a coping device for you. And what stress or problems addiction tempered or covered up.

Addiction can be to a substance, for example, alcohol or speed, a relationship, for example, with a religion or group, or a behavior, for example, various sex practices or gambling.

Addictive agents are persons, things, activities, behaviors, substances, ideas or beliefs. Of course, most of these relationships and behaviors are possible without becoming addicted.

Some feel that when a certain personality type has their button pushed, a growing preoccupation ensues, or is set-off, and an addictive behavior is initiated.

Then, control as indicated by possible reduction in incidence or use is lost. Other activities, responsibilities, and relationships are curtailed or abandoned.

In addition, there is often a need to intensify the addictive experience. Consequences in the individual’s personal world begin to appear. Soon there is trouble in River City.

Obviously, many activities are a normal and natural part of our usual lives. It is addiction’s preoccupation with needing a “fix” of the substance, relationship, or behavior which gets us into trouble.

Many of us have areas of our life which border on addictive behavior. But regardless of which label we place on the behavior or activity, our need for it, and the “relief” it provides us can make our lives a living hell.

Can the underlying cause be our addictive personality or is it maladaptive coping with life’s stresses, or simply existential angst. Is being lonely, stressed, anxious, or depressed fertile ground for compulsion to fill the gap? Recovery Awareness can make Sobriety a reality.

Hear the voices of addictions, and see the feelings of relief, confidence and power that addictive substances and behavior confer to those addicted. Listen:

“I loved being drunk. It made me forget about me. It gave me things I could never imagine myself attaining sober. I could talk to people, especially girls, stand up for my self, look people in the eye. And I was funny.”

It is the same old story we hear all the time: courage in a bottle.

Have you heard someone say, ”I don’t know if I was born an alcoholic, but, when I took my first drink an alcoholic was born.” It probably wouldn’t be the life we would have chosen, given the chance to chose, when we were young.

A young woman remembers her first hit of meth. “I was just hot and sweating. I could feel that adrenaline in my hand.”

The drug gave her a feeling of power and confidence, which had been taken from her when she was raped at age seven. “I fell in love with that drug. It did a lot of stuff for me. The power to do everything.”

The drug also brought years of boyfriend abuse and eventually being stabbed in a drug-induced rage. Tough business. Is there an alternative?

Obviously, Addictions-Recovery, to Let-Go of addiction, we need a powerful, positive alternative. Addictions have enormous strength. You’ll see workable Addictions-Recovery alternatives among the different screens.

For example: See the Letting-go-Codependence screen. See how Womens Spirituality and Practice affects addiction.

Consider your Addictions-Recovery options.

Take a moment and think of yourself. Think of the ways and things you use to “feel better.” We all have them. Our little perks. I like nachos, i.e. food.

When I was an adolescent I discovered that alcohol could cause you problems with society, but food was an acceptable substitute with which to feel good.

My father preferred Alabama “Home Brew” to ease the pains of the 1930’s depression. He stayed with it, even when the nation’s recovery occurred.

In fact, it appears now that food outranks sex in what some feel is a dysfunctional society. Food is simply more socially acceptable, although obesity is killing us as a nation.

And if one addictive substance suddenly disappears we manage to find a substitute. We find something else to numb the pain, ease the anxiety, salve the hurt, so we can survive and endure.

Our addictive list is long: alcohol, drugs (both legal and Illegal), sugar, caffeine, nicotine, tv, obsession and compulsion of any variety---religion, exercise, computers, gambling, sports, relationships, sex, and the list is incomplete.

You can probably think of a couple more.

What would our wounded culture be like without these palliative coping agents?

So if we examine our addictive behavior mindscape, we see that the substance, relationship or behavior we used was probably an attempt to cope with our feelings about our situation.

Perhaps what we need to do, is to replace the addictive coping device with something of equal or better value, but less lethal. Recovery-Mindfulness can help with sobriety.

Relationships can become an Addiction.

For Addictions-Recovery what we need is an “alternative” to our addictive behavior, not a substitute.

Substitute means you are just replacing something with more of the same: My nachos (food) for my father’s booze. An alternative offers increased possibilities, perhaps new and different, possibly better. Less destructively addictive.

Our site offers alternatives which address not only alcohol and other substance abuse, but those activities related to personal behaviors, such as sex, porn, food, gambling, work, and collecting.

They are activities which generate obsessive thinking and actions using up our time, talent and treasure.

The focus of Personal-Recovery-Tools is to take some of the stress out of your efforts to recover from addictive behaviors.

But, to stop the stress, you have to first stop the Recovery Sabotage. That is where you met the SNUPs, Martians, and Drain People.

We must also learn to stop the Self Sabotage. Put your efforts on better alternatives. You’ll find some stimulating ideas here for you.

In medicine, the more definitive the diagnosis, the more specific the treatment can be. For Addictions-Recovery therapy is really about changing your thinking, your internal mindset, which in turn will alter your behavior.

You'll find new alternative ways to deal with your stress and cravings.

Take a close look at the personal options reviewed on the different Spirituality, Meditation, and Prayer screens. How To Stop Alcoholism Abuse cravings, urges, impulses, and triggers.

Addictions-Recovery with Stress-Management can provide Sobriety and Serenity

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