Personal Recovery Tools Enable You To Restore Your Life and Find Serenity.


Start now to Let-Go-Addictions. These Personal Recovery Tools, the selections to the left, allow you to immediately begin the creative addictions recovery process.

These Recovery Tools work to eliminate core addiction cravings by replacing them with natural, more satisfying life alternatives. Positive satisfactions challenge and replace substance abuse illusions and attachments.

Recovery success is yours.

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Solve Recovery conflicts and left-over Addiction problems, whether they are from alcohol, or other drugs, food, sex, gambling, loss or obsolete relationships. Resolution gives rise to your personal empowerment.

As you progress through the site's content and your personal recovery, you embark upon a rewarding journey of discovery.

What you want is a Recovery Raft to carry you safely through the daily challenges to abstinence and sobriety. A ready reference and resource available for immediate use, to refresh and renew your sobriety commitment and personal recovery courage.

This site is your inspiration and motivation resource. Explore the potentials open to you. Make them yours. Explore the different ways addiction has affected your life and the lives of those around you.

Like every journey, the first Recovery Steps are all important. Abstinence and sobriety for addictions recovery should start in the right direction, and with determination.

Choose now to be open for new ideas and that you will consider different approaches.

Winners decide that they will be successful before they ever start.


Remember this is not a race, you have time. So take your time. Patience and persistence wins.

Online Self-Help Tools are effective.

However, some people have a serious emotional, psychosocial, physical, or legal control/dependence condition.

They may require a comprehensive treatment program for stabilization. A program with services provided in person by specialized professionals. A stabilized condition ensures your online self-help can be successful.

Of course, online services can be useful while you are involved in a comprehensive inpatient, aftercare or completed traditional treatment program.

Self-Help success can mean a life of recovery with abstinence and sobriety, enjoyed in serenity.

Your new knowledge can generate individual insight and help develop your courage for Sobriety and Recovery. You will find the basic Personal Recovery Tools candid, realistic and usable.

One important reminder before we get going...never, never, never, feel overwhelmed by the material or suggestions. Do not try to do it all at once.

INSTANT GRATIFICATION is an easy, but lethal trap. Instant gratification like quick fixes seldom are. Don't go there.

You have to take it one day at a time. And within each day, execute one DO-ABLE step at a time.

These Self-Help Tools work in the real world. That's because they grew from personal experience and were molded into their current effectiveness through psychotherapy practice, from the emergency room to the closed ward.

WELCOME AGAIN. As you explore the site's material below you'll begin to build yourself a personal set of addiction recovery tools. Useful knowledge for recovery and sobriety can be your ace in the hole.

You can find any subject that is on this site by using our Site-Search which is the top Tab on left.

Go at your own pace through the material or select major interest areas first. Your choice.

If you like what you find here, tell a friend, if not tell us.

Sharing-Your-Recovery Enriches Your Life.
Sharing-Your-Recovery enriches you by extending your understanding to others.
Site-Search Means Successful Info Gathering
Use Site-Search to locate any term we have included on site.
NEWS of Addiction-Recovery-Tools
Personal-Addiction-Recovery-Tools offers NEWS of free Self-Help for Recovery from Addictions and Addictive Behavior. Stress Relief for sobriety and serenity with Spirituality and Treatment Resources.
Addictions Recovery Tools are Unique Personal and Spiritual Resources.
Addictions Recovery requires Special Skills and Abilities gained from Awareness and Abstinence. Knowledge, so you can build your Sobriety and Spirituality, which can enable full Recovery.
Addictions-Recovery from Alcoholism and Codependence, through Abstinence
Addictions-Recovery means finding Abstinence and Sobriety for Serenity and Spirituality
Addiction-Treatment for Alcohol Rehab and Addictive Behavior
Addiction-Treatment, sobriety, spirituality, prayer, meditation and AA.
Addiction-Embodied-Brain-Mind-Disease Explored.
Addiction-Embodied-Brain-Mind-Disease is chronic compulsive substance dependence.
Alcoholism Addiction Treatment offers Recovery and Serenity
Alcoholism is treatable with Personal Addictions Recovery Tools.
Alcoholism-Treatment frees you from Addictions and Substance Abuse.
Alcoholism-Treatment can set in motion a Recovery Plan for lifetime Sobriety and Serenity.
Alcohol-Rehab offers Medical Detoxification for physical and mental Stabilizati
Alcohol-Rehab enables Abstinence and Sobriety for your Recovery and Serenity.
Drug-Rehabilitation offers Personal Recovery to restore your life, sobriety, and
Drug-Rehabilitation Works. Addicts can and do recover. See how personal addictions recovery can work for you.
Food-Addiction is killing us.
Food-Addiction from our Hungry Hearts is slowly killing us. Lack of personal satisfactions underlies our nation’s uncontrolled obesity epidemic. The health implications are staggering.
Compulsive-Eating is Food Addiction.
Compulsive-Eating, Food Addiction, is when food is a love substitute, then love is hard and brightly shiny. It is outside you, to be acquired. You make it yours.
Weight-Loss Success is Here Now.
Weight-Loss success secrets come to those who make a diet/dieting commitment and have the discipline to keep it. Help is available.
Quick-Weight-Loss, are you ready?
Quick-Weight-Loss and learning our new Diet’s eating habits may sometimes seem like teaching a stone to talk.
Diets you can live with.
Diets you can live with is smarter weight loss without counting calories or fad dieting.
Diet-Sabotage can dead stop your weight loss.
Diet-Sabotage is often self inflicted. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Let’s stop the self sabotage.
Goal-Setting Wins Personal Addiction Recovery with Abstinence Acceptance and Sob
Goal-Setting with Self-Help Tools Can Ensure Personal Addiction Recovery.
Stress-Management Enhances Personal Addiction Recovery Success
Stress-Management is Self-Help Strategy for Addictions Sobriety and Personal Serenity.
Sabotage-Stress Can Destroy Your Personal Addictions Recovery Serenity and Absti
Sabotage-Stress Can Destroy Your Personal Addictions Recovery Serenity and Abstinence
Unrealistic-Expectations Sabotage Personal Addictions Recovery, Sobriety,
Unrealistic-Expectations Sabotage Personal Addictions Recovery, Sobriety, Serenity, Abstinence, Spirituality
False-Assumptions Blocks Personal Addictions Recovery, Abstinence, Sobriety,
False-Assumptions Blocks Addiction and Substance Abuse Recovery and Your Spirituality, Sobriety and Meditation
Obsolete-Relationships Blocks Personal Substance Abuse Recovery, Sobriety
Obsolete-Relationships Sabotage Personal Addictions-Recovery, Sobriety, Abstinence,Spirituality, Meditations, Prayer,
Drain-People-Sabotage Blocks Personal Addictions Recovery and Self-Help.
Drain-People-Sabotage Blocks Personal Addictions Recovery,All aa Self-help,And Alcohol Servicwes
Spirituality-Practice,Prayer,and Meditations Enhance Your Sobriety and Abstnence
Spirituality-Practice Can save your Personal Addictions Recovery and lead to Sobriety and Abstinence
Serenity Stabilizes Your Personal Addiction Treatment.
Discover Serenity Self-Help Tools: Abstinence, Sobriety, Prayer, Affirmations, Meditation, and Spirituality
Let-go-let-God, enough said.
Let-go-let-God is awareness for personal addictions recovery, to get your life back together.
Discover How Prayer Leads To Sobriety, Peace, and Serenity.
Prayer with Meditation Enhances Sobriety and Serenity for Addictions Recovery.
The-Serenity-Prayer is Addiction Recovery’s guide.
The-Serenity-Prayer which comes to us from posterity Everyman’s Addiction-Recovery action guide.
Sobriety-Living-Sober means Commitment.
Sobriety-Living-Sober means that beyond getting sober and living without drinking, you’re going to live your life sober.
Relationship-Addictions are a high price for affection.
Relationship-Addictions is a one-way distorted need which focuses only on the wellspring of joy and pleasure.
Booze-Problem is a Cover Code for Alcohol Run Amuck.
Booze-Problem blocks and helps soften Addictions, Alcoholism, or Alcohol Abuse labels for social acceptance.
Addictions-Illusions distort reality. Let go.
Addictions-Illusions cloud our perceptions. For Addiction Recovery we must let-go these obsolete versions of reality.
Addiction-to-Alcohol is a Double-Bind Affair.
Is Addiction-to-Alcohol your double-bind dues affair? Drinking funds major aspects of your state and federal government.
Rehab wins Recovery’s Sobriety challenge.
Rehab stops addictive behavior. Rehabilitation enables abstinence, sobriety and serenity.
Meditation Wins as a Personal Addictions Recovery Tool.
Meditation enables Abstinence, Sobriety and Serenity for your Personal Addictions Recovery.
Stress-Practices has two faces.
Stress-Practices can be relief and reduction tools to enable sobriety and serenity.
How-To-Meditate opens your Addictions Recovery to peace and serenity.
Addiction-Recovery-Success is within your power.
Addiction-Recovery-Success begins when you come to the point where you admit to having a problem that is not going away.
Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness supports Addictions Recovery
Discover Let-Go-Let-God-Awareness for Addictions and Codependency Recovery.
I-Am-Addiction you know me.
I-Am-Addiction a chronic relapsing body/brain/mind disease.
How-Addiction-Works through Cravings, Urges, and Impulses.
How-Addiction-Works, is getting hooked on substance abuse cravings, urges, and impulses.
Sobriety-Prayer is Affirmation Spirituality
Sobriety-Prayer is a Partnership you make between yourself and your Greater Power.
Sobriety-Tools support Addictions Recovery.
Sobriety-Tools support our living sober to overcome substance abuse.
Personal-Awakening empowers spiritual transformation.
Personal-Awakening makes our Addiction Recovery an individual transcendent experience, rather than possibly
Addictive-Relationships are self sabotage.
Addictive-Relationships self sabotage can destroy your chance for genuine intimacy.
Addictive-Behavior is a National preoccupation.
Addictive-Behavior is intense craving, compulsive urges, or sudden impulses to take an action or abuse a substance.
Spiritual-Awakening enriches sober living.
Spiritual-Awakening not only makes sober living possible, it can make spirituality awareness a reality.
Relationships can be an Addiction.
Relationships Addiction is an unreasonable degree of possessiveness, but, which you can learn to let go.
Sober Living is abstinence and sobriety.
Sober Living is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved. Embrace sobriety.
Let-Go Tools set your recovery free.
Let-Go Tools can shake off the leftover "monkey on your back."
Feeding-Hungry-Hearts means food equals love.
Feeding-Hungry-Hearts is finding genuine satisfying “heart” food, where love is love, and not food.
Is-Fat-A-Family-Affair or is it living a Lie?
Is-Fat-A-Family-Affair means living life as a lie, because we are usually as fat as we are dishonest, especially to our selves.
Binge-Eating: Is it Food Addiction?
Is Binge-Eating really a Food Addiction? If you’ve suffered the loss of control that comes with bingeing, you may think so.
Eating-Addiction reviews “When Food is Love.”
Eating-Addiction includes a review of Geneen Roth’s work, “When Food is Love” which is very enlightening.
Sober-Living is sobriety in action.
Sober-Living is abstinence in action supported by our personal network to maintain our addiction recovery and serenity.
Relationship-Addicts overstay their addictive “love” couplings.
Relationship-Addicts overstay their addictive “love” couplings from fear of being alone. These are often unhappy, unhealthy, and abusive relations. But, love addicts often “love” the drama involved.
Recovery-Mindfulness can mean overcoming Addiction.
Recovery-Mindfulness is both an inner and outer engagement, each are critical to what is supportive of our Addiction Recovery.
Love-Addiction requires rebuilding relationships.
Love-Addiction Recovery requires rebuilding our relationship boundaries from the ground up.
The-Addicted-Self can make a conscious sober recovery.
The-Addicted-Self reviews Thomas Metzinger’s “The Ego Tunnel” for a conscious addiction recovery.
Affection-Addiction is love gone rogue.
Affection-Addiction makes us addicted to forming “love” relationships which often lack true intimacy.
Addiction-a-Spiritual-Disease means attachments, craving, and anguish.
Addiction-a-Spiritual-Disease ’s attachments, craving, and anguish started long before the alcohol, pills, or sex.
Affirmative-Prayers are affirmations of intended personal action.
Affirmative-Prayers are affirmations of intended personal recovery actions we have thought out and actually plan to initiate.
Sobriety-Mindfulness means awareness of “slip” triggers.
Sobriety-Mindfulness means not only awareness of our “slip” triggers, but includes full attention to whatever is occurring.
Addictions Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting
Recovery-Strategy-Goal-Setting for Addictions, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, uses Personal Recovery Tools for Serenity, Sobriety, and Abstinence
Let-Go-Addictions, Alcohol, Codependence, and UFOs
How to Let-Go-Addictions and find Sobriety and Serenity
Awareness-Mindfulness may be our first step in Addiction Recovery.
Awareness-Mindfulness reviews Ellen J. Langer’s “Counterclockwise” and “Mindfulness” through an Addiction Recovery perspective.
Types-Of-Addictions : Pick Your Poison.
Types-Of-Addictions : Yes, pick your poison’s cravings, urges, triggers, and impulses. Substance Abuse or a Process Addiction, some are more lethal than others.
Meditation-Quotes offers a grounding for addiction recovery.
Meditation-Quotes from review of Steve Hagen’s “Meditation Now or Never” prepares us for addiction recovery’s sobriety and serenity.
Relationships-as-Spiritual-Practice instead of love addiction.
Relationships-as-Spiritual-Practice means we can change an addictive relationship into true intimacy.
Alcoholism-Recovery offers the ending of addictive anguish pain.
Alcoholism-Recovery, as tough as it may be, can be an end to addiction’s pain and anguish. Abstinence works.
Alcoholism-Recovery-Awareness offers the ending of addictive anguish.
Alcoholism-Recovery-Awareness enables ending addictive anguish by replacing it with the truth. The possibility of serenity arises.
Womens-Spirituality-and-Practice requires owning self.
Womens-Spirituality-and-Practice includes a review of “Cries of the Spirit” A Celebration of Women’s Spirituality, edited by Marilyn Sewell, issued by Beacon Press, Boston.
Survivors-Recovery offers alcoholism survival self-help.
Survivors-Recovery suggests “A Guide for Adult Children of Alcoholics.” Understand your past and overcome your fears.
Serenity-Life-Practice supports Recovery Sobriety.
Serenity-Life-Practice is the space and time we allow for our addiction recovery to recognize and share in life’s wonders.
Addictions-Spiritual-Orphans can find a Personal Spirituality and Practice.
Addictions-Spiritual-Orphans can find a Spirituality Practice with prayer and meditation, in their own way and in their own time.
Evolving-Personal-Spirituality enhances our Addiction Recovery
Evolving-Personal-Spirituality enhances our Addiction Recovery , usually in direct proportion to the intensity of our spiritual participation.
Evolutionary-Spirituality offers conscious Addiction Recovery.
Evolutionary-Spirituality championed by Andrew Cohen of EnilghtenNext Magazine is supported by thinker Ken Wilber. They offer freedom in the face of addictive fears.
Free-Relationship-Advice you can use for life.
Free-Relationship-Advice is that the thing you resist, is probably the thing you most need to hear. Robert Anthony
Overcome-Compulsive-Eating sounds tough, but is possible.
Overcome-Compulsive-Eating, explore your options to break free of food-addiction. Awareness is your key to breaking away from compulsive behavior.
Sidetracked-by-Obesity life shunted aside?
Sidetracked-by-Obesity your life shunted aside? Has part or all of your life been put on hold by overweight? Diet failure? Is your brain high on Food?
Mindful-Awareness is enhanced through meditation.
Mindful-Awareness reviews Stephen Batchelor’s “Buddhism Without Beliefs” to understand anguish so we can let-go of addiction cravings.
Natural-Spirituality arises from mindful awareness.
Natural-Spirituality arises from our exploration and understanding of life through mindful awareness. Carl Sagan‘s “The Pale Blue Dot” is our guide.
Positive-Affirmations are self healing recovery.
Positive-Affirmations enhance our own spiritual guidance, and support our intended positive action steps toward addiction-recovery. We also review “Amen” compiled by Suzanne Slesin and Emily Gwathmey.
Why-do-people-drink-alcohol …Answer: Anguish.
Why-do-people-drink-alcohol is answerable if we are willing to truly examine what our lives are about. We examine why anguish and alcohol have urges, cravings, and triggers.
An-Addiction-Quote can stimulate your Recovery Spirituality.
An-Addiction-Quote can enhance your spirituality practice and support your addiction recovery. This includes all types of substance-abuse and addictive obsessions.
Sobriety-Plan supports abstinence for addiction recovery.
Sobriety-Plan with practical abstinence for addiction recovery through aligning our relationship with the human experience of anguish.
The-Mind-of-the-Addict has a Spiritual Disease.
The-Mind-of-The-Addict is a Spiritual Disease because many of us are Spiritual Orphans. Personal Sobriety Spirituality is our recovery and redemption.
Overcoming-Obsession-and-Dependence in Relationships requires building Self-Conf
Overcoming-Obsession-and-Dependence in Relationships does require building your self esteem. We offer some suggestions for success. Including review of a major help.
Letting-Go-Codependence and Addictions Wins and Saves Sobriety and Serenity
How Letting-Go-Codependence Saves Relationships, Sobriety, and Serenity
Addictive-Relationship-Recovery is being Beyond Codependency.
Addictive-Relationship-Recovery means being Beyond Codependency, where we, former love-addicts, live each day to its fullest. We include a selective review of “The New Codependency” by Melody Beattie,
How-to-Stop-Alcohol-Abuse, curb urges, cravings, impulses, and triggers.
How-to-Stop-Alcohol-Abuse by curbing your urges, cravings, impulses and triggers Addiction Recovery. You can learn how to overcome substance abuse.
Alcohol-Recovery-Meditation can break alcoholism abuse.
Alcohol-Recovery-Meditation breaks alcoholism abuse by facing your soul, going back to your spiritual origins. You must return home.
Setting-Relationship-Boundaries to recover from Love Addiction.
Setting-Relationship-Boundaries reviews “Where To Draw The Line,” How To Set Healthy Boundaries Everyday by Anne Katherine, M.A. Simon and Shuster.
Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise : the Food Addiction Truth.
Benefits-of-Diet-and-Exercise gives you the truth about Food-Addiction and weight-loss-plans. Real usable facts are an essential starting place.
Whiskeys-Song : Is it your alcohol rhythm?
Whiskeys-Song: We review Mitzi Chandler’s Book of Poetry “Whiskey’s Song” An Explicit Story of Surviving in an Alcoholic Home.